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Remember me? Yeah, yeah, I know, I abandoned my blog again. I got busy. You know the story. I really try to be a "good blogger" and blog consistently, but then that thing that I blog about (life) happens and sometimes other things just get priority.

Rather than dumping all of the last 15 days (has it really been that long?) at once, I'll start off slowly.

July 4th week!

My Independence Day week started out with a celebration of my own freedom - from debt!! I paid off my Jeep on July 2, 2013, and I've never been happier! Today was my first payday without a car payment attached to it since February 2010 (technically April 2010 since I didn't have to pay the first two months if I remember correctly... that's still a long time!). When daddy and I walked out of MeCu (never use them, btw) I couldn't stop smiling and I just wanted to scream "I'M DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So here I am, virtually yelling it.

First on July 4 I had a wedding rehearsal to attend for my friend Jessica. I wore a fantastic hot pink dress from Lucca (that of course I forgot to get a picture of. #fail). For our July 4 festivities, in addition to rocking my "Red, White & Bows" tank, I had a fantastic bow by Brenna. Of course, I wore my new found love Old Navy shorts as well. My family, Matt, Thabo & my bestie Caylee came over for food & fireworks

Friday was Jessica's wedding day! The day started with a mani/pedi at the Pink House, and I realized I hadn't had either since like my birthday. #Unacceptable. Of course I failed at getting any pictures with Jessica that day, but I did get a picture with Matt & Caylee at the reception. I'll update with the picture the photog took of Jess and I when I get it - her dress was so beautiful :)

Saturday after lunch with Caylee & her parents, Matt & I went to the mall to watch Despicable Me 2 - I LOVED it! I'm not one for animated movies but after Monsters U & Despicable Me 2 I may have to change my mind. Plus, the theater we went to had amazing seats. OKC friends, check out the renovated theater at Penn Square. You won't be disappointed! We also stopped by Sephora so I could buy the YOU + SEPHORA VIO Cosmetic Collection. The bag it comes in is wonderful, and it benefits a nonprofit of the store's choice. The Penn Square location benefits the Regional Food Bank!* The collection includes gold nail polish, gold glitter liquid eyeliner (so cute & festive!) and a lip gloss. #FancyPants. I also picked up some of the Sephora brand cream lip stain while I was there and fell.in.love.

Sunday after church, I'm pretty sure I slept all day. #Exhaustion. However, I did have time to start on a craft...which I'll share next time I blog!


*I purchased the VIO bag because I wanted to. I was not compensated by Sephora or the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for sharing information about the promotion. 

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