Sorry, kid, you're never going to outgrow that. 

One year ago today, my best friend had the cutest tiny human ever. He popped out smiling and I everyone immediately fell in love. We've had lots of fun adventures - shopping trips, slumber parties, eating sour pickles, hilarious conversations that no one else understands, yucky diaper changes (you seriously need to save those for your mom though), dance parties, and lots of selfie pics of course - and I just know there are a million more ahead of us until I become the uncool old Auntie.

Happy, happy, happy birthday Tater Bug!
I love you more than all the glitter and bows in the world!
❤ Auntie Shae


  1. Just found your blog and OMG that baby is the cutest!!!! You are so lucky you get to spend time with him!

    PS Thanks for joining my fantasy league!! I'm so excited to get playing!

  2. I agree I am super lucky to! :) I can't wait for your league to start!