Back to School day!

Not for me, but for my mom and brothers! My brothers are in 10th & 7th grade and mom is going back to the classroom to teach computers and (drumroll...................................) cheerleading! This means I'm officially the only one in my family to have never been an AmPo Panther (can I be an honorary Panther at least?). I'm excited for mom to start this new adventure and branch out to do new things. I know she believes in her kids and will push them to do their best, no matter what subject she's teaching or sport she's coaching. And a word to my brothers: stop growing up, for crying out loud. Kale had on his Junior High baseball uniform on Monday and he didn't look like my baby brother anymore. In just a few weeks, I'll have TWO teenage brothers, one who'll be able to drive! That's just weird, ya'll.

Anyway, since I was that girl who loved school supplies and back to school shopping (who are we kidding, I still am), I decided to put together a quick back to school list.

Everyone needs a great backpack, right? This one lasted me all through college, and even survived being hit by a truck. Best backpack ever.

Reading books, taking notes, emailing, whatever - it's easier to do it all on the iPad than carry heavy books, millions of folders and papers, pens, and everything else. So clearly, dressing up the iPad = totally necessary. (PS - if you want to buy me anything, this iPad case is on my wish list for sure. I can definitely give you my color choices upon request.)

The last thing on my back to school shopping list is new clothes! I can't pick a favorite outfit, but the Mint Julep is one of my new favorite shops. They post new arrivals to Facebook all day every day, and I am pretty sure I "like" every.single.post. I'm not a fashionista, so outfits that are easy to put together are totally my thing. I signed up for their email list and got a $10 off code, so help me find the perfect outfit to order, please! Leggings + long shirts + boots + scarves are totally my thing during the fall. Fall = football. Hurry fall!

Oh, and if I was one of mom's cheerleaders, I would need plenty of these :)

Go Panthers!

don't forget your spirit fingers!

PS - Ladies, go sign up for the Hot Mamas 5K! It's on September 22 & benefits the Regional Food Bank! Feeding hungry kids + getting a good workout = #winning!! Bonus: I'm running, so it's guaranteed you won't be the slowest one there #KennedyGenes :)


  1. That's awesome that your mom is going to be coaching cheerleading!!! Good luck to your family with school! :)