on being one of "those people"

In a recent conversation, I was called one of those people - you know the kind - the super annoying health nuts who drive you crazy being all super excited over working out and eating salads - because I made a comment about how excited I was about healthy changes. I'm not a health nut or super in shape - if I made that claim it would be nothing but a lie. However, I do want to be the best me. I want to feel good. I want to enjoy life. So lately, some changes have been taking place.

Water and spark have replaced diet cokes and coffee (I'm pretty sure my body used to be made of 90% diet coke. bad, bad, bad, I know.)

Last night's run.
Pinning great workout plans has been replaced with actually lacing up my shoes, turning on MapMyRun, and putting those great outfits to use (I take extra care to avoid all the cars in my path. No more getting run over!).

A piece of chocolate following last night's run. :)
And slowly, most (not all, I'm working on this!) "bad" food has been replaced with Herabalife shakes for breakfast/lunch and healthier options for lunch/dinner...even cooking meals occasionally and eating a salad or two. I mean what's the point of drinking water and sweating if I eat nothing but junk, right?

I already had to make changes to what I ate about a year ago when I discovered "lactose" was a bad word causing me to feel terrible 24/7. I really liked milk. And ice cream. And cheese. And yogurt. So all of those things are mostly gone (occasionally - very occasionally - I'll let myself have something with dairy. And then I take medicine or risk wanting to cry all day because I don't feel well).

So am I one of those people? I don't think so. I'm working on being the best me possible, but I'll never judge you for eating a cupcake - unless you eat one without asking me to join!

Also, to those people - what are your best tips for becoming one of you? ;)


  1. Sadly, I'm not "one of those people" but I have been trying to make healthier changes too. I was looking into herbalife - do you like it?

    1. I LOVE Herbalife! I've used it before and lost weight, then I started eating junk, but now I'm back on the train and loving it. If you want information on it, email me at shaeken(at)okstatealumni.org :) I don't know all the answers, but a friend of mine is a distributor and he's setting me up to be one next week. He's literally half the size he was when he started using it about a year ago!

  2. Being healthy and working out is great! Who care if you get excited about it? I think there are "those" people for anything (i.e. working out, being lazy, crafting, reading, etc). We all have things that make us really happy! GO YOU!

    1. Somehow I completely missed this - I'm sorry! And THANK YOU :) I agree, there are those people for everything, and I think there's a little bit of "those people" in all of us.