Football Q&A with Kaden & Kale

For round 2 of Football Q&A, I interviewed my younger brothers. They play basketball and show steers, and Kale plays baseball too. Kale's answers are in orange, Kaden's answers are in green. My comments are in pink.

Kale (left) is 12 and loves football, plays baseball & basketball, and shows steers. Kaden is 15, plays basketball & shows steers, and is the biggest goober I know. :) 

Q1: You're both OSU fans, right? (right!) Good, otherwise I would disown you both, and you've got birthdays coming up so you better be good :) When OSU isn't playing, how do you decide who to cheer for?
I just cheer for whoever's winning. 
I cheer for whoever has the flashiest uniforms.

Q2: If you played football, what position would you play? Why?
I would be...Cooper Bassett's position. Because I could tackle people and fight for the ball. (Good role model!).
The Prancing Panther. Yes, it's made up. Honey Badger ain't got nothin' on the Prancing Panther.

Q3: What is the proper football game watching attire - a) at the game and b) at home?
I'd wear somebody's jersey to the game and keep it on until I got home. I'd wear just regular old clothes if I was watching at home and cheer real loud...but not loud enough to make the doorbell ring (our doorbell goes off if it gets too loud in a room - basically any time we watch football or basektball). 
At a game you should wear an NHL hockey jersey with an NBA hat and basketball shoes, carrying a hockey stick and Adidas socks. And Under Armor underwear. If I'm at home is a pair of hoop shoes, some shorts, an the opponent's jersey. (Guys, I apologize for him... I'm not sure we're related.)

Q4: How do the first down lines appear on the field when you're watching the game on TV?
The people make it to where you can see the first down with computers and technology. 
Morgan Freeman hires magical elves to put them down every down. They don't get paid. They just do it because hearing Morgan Freeman's voice is enough pay. 

Q5: Who is your favorite OSU football player and why?
Kendall Hunter & Cooper Bassett. Cooper because I know him and he got my football signed for my birthday and Kendall Hunter because he is a running back. 
I like Marcus Smart. Cause he embodies defense so well. No wait, my favorite is KD. For the same reason. (At least he has played flag football on OSU's campus before, right?)

Q6: What is your favorite part of OSU games?
Seeing football being played and watching Bullet run out. 
When they dribble the ball and pass it to the first baseman for a home run KO.

Q7: Name 3 formations teams line up in for offense:
Normal, I think Hail Mary and 4 verticals. They're all on my Playstation game. 
The Kindling Mountain Lion, The Fierce Butterfly and the Ever-So-Ferocious Puppy. 

Q8: What are 5 possible penalties?
face mask, offsides, delay of game, holding and chop block
Not rocking that headband right, not having enough swerve (as he shakes his hips), those shoes do NOT go with that helmet, illegal signaling from the coach and not enough celebration. 

Q9: Who is the best current NFL QB? Why?
I wanna say Peyton Manning or RG3 is pretty good too...
Cooper Bassett. Because he's got that...IT. He can do it. He can go the distance. 

Q10: What will OSU's final ranking be? Who will win the BCS?
Hopefully in the top 10, um, about 6 or 5. And Notre Dame or Alabama cause they've been the best lately. 
Final ranking will be... .99832 (so, first?). I think Prarie View A&M will win the BCS. 

Any other info you want to add, brothers?
Um, not really.
I'm Batman (well at least it's not Ben Affleck? I thought you were the Prancing Panther, though?).

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