Football Q&A with Lori Jo

Today's installment of Football Q&A features my best friend & the other half of my brain - my twin, Lori Jo. Lori is Baby Tate's mommy, Minco's cheer coach, and unfortunately an OU fan. We can't all be perfect. Just to spite her, and because crimson ugly colors aren't allowed on Sprinkles & Glitter, Lori's answers are in orange! My comments are in pink. 

Q1: When OU isn't playing, how do you decide who to cheer for?
I tend to watch anyone ranked higher. Rooting for upsets so OU can move up the rankings (given that OU pulls a win that week!) We all know how hard that is for them. 

Q2: If you played football, what position would you play? Why?
Cheerleader. Duh. (Cheerleading needs to be a recognized position as our amazing influence on crowd involvement can motivate a team to victory!) 

 Q3: What is the proper football game watching attire - a) at the game and b) at home?
A) comfortable shoes (crimson or cream) with an adorable team related shirt. Scarves, bags & team specific jewelry always a must! Don't forget your tickets!
B) team related shirt with OU sweatshirt blanket! (Beer in OU koozie!)

Q4: How do the first down lines appear on the field when you're watching the game on TV?
Invisible yellow line placed by magic football fairies. When you cross it golden glitter flies into the air. (#getonmylevel) I love this theory. 

Q5: Who is your favorite OU football player and why? Do you have a favorite OSU player, so you can be compared to other answering? :)
current OU football player is Roy Finch #22. He's a little guy who I think can run like the wind. I feel he doesn't get optimal playing time but when he is put into the game is gives 110%. Past players? Josh Heupel #14. One of the most intelligent QB's ever. Being that his dad is a football coach he knows the game inside & out. I also love that he stayed at the university as the QB coach. :) If I had to pick an OSU player it would be Cooper Bassett. Local small town kid. I have yet to hear anyone say a bad thing about on & off the field. Good choice! Go Cooper! 

Q6: What is your favorite part of being at an OU game?
Atmosphere. You are among your Sooner family! Aaaand tailgating! Can I get a BOOMER?? NO. No you cannot. ORANGE POWER!!! :) (PS my computer tried to change that B word to <word deleted due to profanity>. Be thankful I let it appear.)

Q7: Name 3 formations teams line up in on offense: 
Shotgun, wishbone (hello Switzer like invented it. Ok maybe just perfected it) annnnnnd let's go with punt. Haha

Q8: What are 5 possible penalties? 
face mask, offsides, pass interference, block in the back, horse collar

Q9: Who is the best current NFL QB? Why? 
Duh. Sam Bradford. Haha I do like Peyton Manning though.

Q10: What will OSU's final ranking be? OU's? Who will win the BCS?
I have no idea. It could be anyone. If I had to choose I'd say Alabama (Roll Tide!)

Any other info you want to add?
Idk. It was a long night. My brain hurts from being awesome at work...

Are you all surprised we're best friends given that she likes the other team so much? Yeah, me too, but like I said, we can't all be perfect! :) Hahaha, just kidding, Twin!!

And now, it's time to beat Lamar! GO POKES!

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  1. This is awesome... The comments are Q6 are my favorite! haha :)