Football Q&A with Matt

Since fall football season is officially here, I decided to ask a few of my favorite people some fun football related questions. Up first: Matt, my football-loving boyfriend who knows everything there is to know about the game (and I'm now exaggerating an ounce). For this one, I'll give my answers too. Matt's answers are in blue and mine are in pink.

Q1: We're both OSU fans, right? (right!) Good. When OSU isn't playing, how do you decide who to cheer for?
Whoever is playing OU. If OU isn't playing, I pick the opponent of the Big 12 team closest to OSU in rankings.
Texas. Or if OU is playing, I'll cheer for their opponent unless it's someone I don't like, like Les Miles. Mostly though, I just pick the best uniforms/colors. 

Q2: If you played college football, what position would you play? Why?
Fullback. Cause that's the position I know how to play.
The kicker, because I have great kicks. And Dan Bailey and Quinn Sharp played in the NFL right?

Q3: What is the proper football game watching attire - a) at the game and b) at home?
Shorts and a college t-shirt...for both. Athletic shoes to the game, flip flops at home. 
At the game, something like jeans, nice boots, nice shirt and jacket if it's cold. If it's warm, a dress. At home, if I'm at my house, sweats. Something orange regardless! 

Q4: How do the first down lines appear on the field when you're watching the game on TV?
Lawrence Taylor comes out and draws them every time. He's gotta make money somehow. (I think he's kidding.)
There are LEDs in the field that light up magically, right? Just kidding. The gremlins run across the field and draw them really quick. KIDDING AGAIN. It's the munchkins in the TV. 

Q5: Who is your favorite OSU football player and why?
Brad Girtman...apparently he's the only one good enough to get paid to play. (Weirdo. #iRideWithTheCowboys)
I think Barry Sanders is probably the best from what I understand. But Justin Blackmon made that really good catch at the Fiesta Bowl so I'm going to go with him.

Q6: What is your favorite part of OSU games?
Sitting by my girlfriend! Shae, delete that! As boring as it is, watching the game is the best part. 
The atmosphere! Nothing beats Boone Pickens Stadium!

Q7: Name 3 formations teams line up in for offense:
Pistol, wildcat and wishbone
Shotgun, pistol and the diamond. 

Q8: What are 5 possible penalties?
Holding, offsides, face mask, encroachment, false start.
Roughing the passer, block in the back, defensive pass interference, delay of game, illegal hands in the face

Q9: Who is the best current NFL QB? Why?
Peyton Manning. Enough said. 
I think Peyton Manning is good. Didn't he score like 7 TD's last week? I need him on my fantasy team in week 4. 

Q10: What will OSU's final ranking be? Who will win the BCS?
(makes duck face) Fifteen. Alabama.
I think we'll be like 7. And probably Alabama will win. Again. 

Bonus: Who's going to win your week 4 fantasy match up, and why? What does the loser have to do?
I will. Gronkowski. You have to watch 3 scary movies when I win. You said boy movies! Oh!! The ante's been upped! I'm surprised you caught that. Ehh okay boy movies is good enough. 
I'm winning it, even if I have to PAY someone. And WHEN I win, we are having a chick flick marathon day. 

Any other info you want to add, Matt?
I'm making a bold prediction. Les Miles will no longer be coaching at LSU with 3 years. That's just long enough for the NCAA to poke their heads around, investigate and nail LSU and Coach Miles. He'll find a job, it'll be at some podunk Western Kentucky, Idaho State or Popcorn U.


  1. I love this! The answer to #1 are awesome - Adam and I are the same way with Purdue. He has this whole system of who he cheers for in the B1G. I pretty much just hate Indiana University and cheer for whoever is playing them.

    P.S. I love how you changed fall to football season. Here in OK I joke with Adam that we don't have fall, we just have football.

    1. Ha, thanks! I should have clarified I only like Texas because they're also orange, but y system is like yours - anyone but OU :)

      And isn't it so true?! It's too hot to be fall then it immediately freezes, so football season works better than calling it fall anyway.