Happy 16th, Kaden!

Sorry weekend update, you've gotta wait (even though this weekend was pretty awesome). Today is my middle brother's 6th 16th birthday and what kind of sister would I be if it wasn't celebrated here? So now, I have 16 lines of memories, likes, advice, wishes and comments for you.

1. The day mom and daddy told me "you're going to be a big sister!" was the best day ever...until...
2. The day you were finally born and I actually got to be a big sister! I wanted to have a little brother so bad and prayed for as long as I can remember for YOU (side note - Kale - if I was this excited over ONE brother, imagine how great getting that prayer answered with TWO brothers is. Double the awesomeness!)
3. I loved that curly head of hair you had... I think you should grow it back out :)
4. I remember looking at the clock exactly 24 hours after you were born and feeling SO EXCITED all over again to be YOUR big sister.
5. I've never known two kids to play as well as you and CJ. Best buddies forever, no matter what.

6. Not that we'd know it now based on your studly physique, but remember being so skinny that Uncle Aaron called you the Ethiopian Poster Child? Then those tonsils came out and everything changed ;)
7. You started invading mine & dad's barn time when you began showing sheep...even though I still think I did all the work!
8. You've always been a likable, friendly kid. Even though switching schools might not have been the easiest thing on earth, you made friends at AmPo and kept friends from Tuttle, too. Continue to always be kind to people and find the best in others, you're the kind of friend people need.
9. You went from being an adorably chubby 5th grade basketball player to the Prancing Panther, AmPo's stud. You've worked so hard at basketball and I LOVE watching you play.
10. Your love for Christ and your passion for making His name famous rocks.
11. Your teenager smart mouth will get you in trouble more and more, believe me. So just remember to shut up and listen when I'm talking and no one will get hurt, even though you're taller, bigger, stronger and could take me down without even trying. Ha!
12. The day we sold the sheep to make way for your cattle project wasn't my happiest day on earth, but I pretended to happily go along with it. Now I've learned to love those oversized fluffy animals you enjoy showing so much.

13. Dad pointed out that your senior year is in two years. Stop. Just stop. I know you're really still in kindergarten and this whole "16 & driving" thing is a joke. Right??
14. How did you get the cool gene in the family? I mean, you can dance (we've all watched your killer moves by the pool), you have the singing voice of an angel, and you make a beautiful princess. It's just not fair, kid.

15. On being a princess: never be too cool to play with your little cousins. They'll always treasure memories made with you.

16. Most importantly: put the phone down. You're 16. You're taking that driver's test Friday. You have an awesome truck, and I know you're a cool kid. But for real. Put. The. Phone. Down. Don't text and drive. Don't answer a message, don't check Facebook or Twitter, don't take a selfie for Snapchat. It can wait. Nothing on your cell phone screen is so important that it can't wait for your vehicle to be in park before you see it. Your life & others lives are way more valuable than any message, so please promise me you won't pick up that phone while you're driving.

Love you, Sis

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