I'm so excited that it's finally Friday your birthday!!! 

So in honor, this edition of High 5 Friday includes 5 silly fantastic birthday wishes just for you!

1. I hope you win all your fantasy football games this weekend, because you will not be wining the one against me next weekend. 

2. I hope you eat a bazillion cupcakes and that we don't have to call the fire department because of all those candles. ;)

3. I hope it doesn't rain at the fair, because who wants to walk around a fair soaking wet on their birthday? Not you, sir, not you. But if it does rain, I hope there are some super fun puddles to splash in. 

4. I hope you didn't mind that phone call waking you up with me Molly singing happy birthday. 

5. I hope you get to spend it with your most favorite puppy person on the earth, Thabo me. Oh look, one I can pinky promise will come true! 

Now put your party pants on, 'cause we've got a birthday to celebrate!

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