Labor Day Weekend...a little late

Yes, thank you, I do realize Labor Day weekend ended 3 days ago, but I've been a busy girl and I'm just now turning on my computer to do anything except work.work.work. #PGP, major.

My weekend happiness was centered around the success of the QB situation the Choo Choo Train the Walshing Machine the OSU defense. That's right, there's no way I was missing the first game!

Even though Molly didn't go to the game, she supported the Pokes from the comfort of her corner of the couch, wearing orange and white, of course.

Matt rented a car for us to drive down to Houston, so after picking up the car (and one for my parents to drive, but more on that later)  bright & early Friday morning, we started south! Of course, we didn't even make it to WinStar the Texas border before I had to stop to get a drink, and it wasn't too long after that time that I started side eye-ing Matt needing a bathroom break. But, we finally made it across the Texas border and stopped at the most delicious place on earth - Chickfila - for lunch. Because clearly there were no other options in Texas like in-and-out burger.
Obligatory "drive friendly, the Texas way" sign pic.
After finally making it to Houston (I slept a lot of the way so really I shouldn't complain), we went to the Galleria and again ate a place we could get in OKC - Raisin' Caines. In  my defense, I hadn't ever tried it and the other option was Chili's. The sauce was amazing, though. 

My family finally got to H-town around 3:00 a.m. They had to go to work/school (ha!) and then stopped outside of Dallas to pick up my mom's new car! We sold my jeep a few weeks ago, she gave me her jeep (upgrade!) and she got a giant Ford Expedition. It's super nice. Anyway, their 3 am arrival meant they woke me up from a nice sleep so I could let them into the hotel. Sorry to anyone who might have caught me dragging through the lobby in my sweats looking like a rag doll. 

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early to get burgers at Lankford Grocery, recommended by my high school ag teacher. Mom got a burger that was so hot I thought she was going to cry, Kaden got one with mac & cheese on it, Cindy got one with Fritos on it, and mine was just so big that I barely ate half. Everyone else got chicken or hot dogs. 

Lankford Grocery was featured on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives! We knew it had to be good.
My brothers dressed alike. How cute.

We met a group of Miss St. fans at lunch, and one of them brought over his cow bell from college. Clearly, I had to take a Pistols Firing pic with it!
The first Mississippi State fans we ran into were still sober at noon on gameday. I didn't know the SEC allowed that. :)
As we were leaving lunch, we realized dad had officially broken in mom's less-than-24-hours-old car. He parked on the wrong side of the street/going the wrong direction, and got a ticket.

We finally got to the game and headed up to our seats, but were stopped before making it all the way up the escalators...they needed to fill seats on the first level, and we were upgraded! Now we must pause for picture overload from the OSU game...

Matt & I had our pistols firing | Cheering on the Cowboys with Daddy
Spark + Cowboy Football = AdvoCare Texas Kickoff Classic | The view from our upgraded seats!

Sheriff Gundy after the win | I got to see Caylee & Maureen!
After the game with mom | Dad needed some Spark

After the game we ate at Pappadeaux and headed back to the hotel. On Sunday, we went back to the Galleria before heading home. I got a cute pink owl phone case, which of course I haven't taken a picture of yet. #BloggerFail Just think Jess's Bunny Case (from New Girl), and imagine it being a pink owl. That's what it looks like. After shopping a while, we headed back home.

Yay for a fun weekend! Boo for a long drive home! | What a beautiful sunset to come home to!

Bonus Weekend Day Monday was filled with family and fun - the Kennedy side of the family came over for lunch, swimming and horse riding, then we went over to Aunt Kandi's for dinner. 

Such a great weekend. So much fun, so much family, so much ORANGE. I just love fall. 

PS - my weirdo cousin Mag will soon be blogging over at Chasing Squirrels. Follow her and love her