Thursday for Trapaw



1. A great man who loves his grandchildren.
2. "Grandpa Tom" combined into one word. 
3. One who's place at the table you do not take.
4. See also: awesome.  
Origin: Tuttle, Oklahoma, 1989

Every time I saw anything about my Trapaw I have to pause and explain what a "Trapaw" is - it's not a what, it's a WHO! A very important who at that! My Trapaw (or Grandpa Tom, for those who didn't read the definition of Trapaw above), is one of my most favorite men in the world. In addition to giving great hugs, he always seems to send a text to let me know he's thinking of me at just the right time. I'm so thankful he's mine!

Happy birthday Trapaw!! I love you!!

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