Wednesday Weekend Post

I just love birthday weekends. And the new iOS.
Siri really thinks this is busy. Soon she'll learn this is normal.
Friday I took off work at noon after a looooong week and, after I did a little running around, Matt & I headed to the fair to celebrate his birthday with corn dogs & candy! The candy store at the fair is now a tradition. They have smarties suckers that are the most delicious candy ever. I just hope it's not a tradition to spend more every year...because eventually it'll take a truck to haul it all out if we do :) We also had cupcakes from Gigi's with glitter number candles, much to Matt's excitement. After the fair, we made a stop at the outlet mall to get Matt new shoes then went back to his house for a fun & relaxing evening.

After round 2 of Matt's birthday celebration with a pizza lunch (& cake. always cake) on Saturday, we headed to my house to celebrate my brothers' birthdays! Kaden turned 16 & Kale turned 13 - they're growing up way too fast.

After the party, Julie & I had some girl time with a hair & makeup salon ;) 

Sunday was a big day for me - my first 5K! The Hot Mamas Run supports the Regional Food Bank & Oklahoma Birth Network and their color was hot pink, so clearly I was in. 

I had so.much.fun. and I'm officially hooked on this running thing. 

Kimmy & Tandye are in my eyes super runners, and they were such a huge help to me! They gave me all sorts of tips and convinced me that I need new running shoes :) They were cheering me on as I crossed the finish line and I appreciate their encouragement and knowledge sharing so very much! 

My coworker Denice also ran, so of course we had to take a picture with Bernie to rep the Food Bank!

I'm already looking forward to my next 5K - the Color Run - in a week and a half! 

To continue on this whole healthy kick with the running, I've also officially signed up to be a Herbalife distributor! I have taken Herbalife before and loved it, and I still use it when I leave early enough to stop and get a shake. I decided it was time to just get myself some to be able to make it here at home! I'm so excited to get my starter kit in. Super thanks to Wacey for helping me get signed up! 

And that wraps up an awesome weekend. I left out Monday & Tuesday, when we celebrated my brothers' birthdays with Chicago style pizza on Monday night & homemade donuts on Tuesday morning. I'm telling you, birthdays are the best. 

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