Because I knew you...

It's been said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. What are you contributing to others' averages? Even if you're not one of the 5 people they spend the most time with, are you making another person's day/life better? Give a smile. Say hello. Help someone. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Encourage other people. It won't just make their day better - it'll make yours better too. Change your outlook on life; look for the positive. Be thankful for every day. Every day is a gift, and it holds an opportunity to change someone's day for good. Be a blessing.


  1. Do I count as the 5?!? Boo pesky state lines!

  2. Such a simple, but honest post. I love that song by the way. My friend Kristin and I sing the Glee Version at the top of our lungs whenever we are together.

    1. I love it too! It's been playing on repeat for about a month now :)