What a wonderful weekend!

Seriously! I had such a great weekend and I'm so thankful for every second of it!

To kick it off, we must back allll the way up to Wednesday, when Kaden & Kale showed at Tulsa. They got 2nd and 3rd place with their prospect steers. Matt and I drove up on Wednesday morning to watch them show, and of course we stopped at QuikTrip. Since everything with me just has to be an adventure I decided to leave accidentally left my wallet in the show box after Matt and I left - which wouldn't have been such a problem except I have a lead foot and we were in my Jeep, which happens to be a standard. Thankfully there were no run-ins with the police on our two hour drive home!

With three of my favorite guys! Kaden, me, Kale & Matt
Thursday after work I bought the best movie ever made, the Little Mermaid! I can officially throw out my VHS player, ya'll. On Friday, Matt and I had made plans to hang out and he told me "you pick what we do - whatever you want!" Well, obvi. Not only did Matt have get to watch my favorite move ever, my parents AND brothers joined us! I might have shed a few tears at the end and been so overwhelmed with happy that I got a few analogies mixed up, but it was the best Friday night in at least two centuries. 

Saturday was the much-anticipated Color Run at Remington Park! It was so silly cold, which I love, minus the fact that I knew the second I started running I would get warm and regret wearing a jacket. It was my second 5K in 2 weeks, and I am definitely looking for my next one. 
Oklahoma bloggers at the run!
After the run was over, as in, as soon as I crossed the finish line, Matt and I headed up to Stillwater to watch the Cowboys play! While I'm not a real sports blogger, obvi, I do have a few thoughts on the game:
1. Holy moley I'm glad we won because I Matt really wasn't completely positive we would for a minute. 
2. It was beautiful & a perfect day for football. 
3. I really wish OSU would have worn orange-black-orange instead of black-black-orange. I think the orange helmets would have been beautiful with the black tops and orange pants. It was such a sunshine-y clear day that the bright helmets were needed to add to the sunshine-y feel on the field. Just hire me to pick the uniforms already, please. 
4. The band's performance at halftime was AMAZING. Shake Your Booty, YMCA, Staying' Alive, Dancing Queen... such great selections. 
5. The pom girls' dance was filthy and unacceptable. 

On Sunday, we finally celebrated my Trapaw's birthday! As I walked in the door to my Aunt's house, the little munchkin below ran to me yelling "I MISSED YOU, SHAE!!" She was then stuck to my side for a good part of the next few hours :) 

To wrap up the weekend, I spent Sunday evening at Lori & Tate's house! We visited Lori's friend's pigs and Tate loved them. He blew my mind when he started WALKING. Kids these days, they just grow up so fast :)

See, I told you it was a wonderful weekend, start to finish! I couldn't have asked for a better one. 


  1. I'm glad you had such a good weekend, it looks so wonderful. I have quite a few friends that did the color run this weekend, I wish I did it!

    1. You should sometime! I was a little disappointed with the lack of color stations and the FREEZING yellow water they squirted at us, but I enjoyed meeting people and the idea was fun (and the SHIRT! It's so soft!!)

  2. Y'all are just lucky we let you win ;)