Fall Update :)

Have I told you lately how much I just LOVE America's Greatest Homecoming? It's definitely one of my top 3 favorite holidays (along with Christmas and my birthday). Well, this weekend was the best of the year - OSU's Homecoming - and I celebrated appropriately - in Stillwater!


That up there? Yeah, I wrote it two whole weeks ago. #whoops

I really did mean to post about Homecoming weekend...and then I meant to post about pumpkin picking...and then I meant to post a quick update... and then I meant to do all of that last week while I was home sick all week long. But, it just didn't happen. I was either too busy to sit down for a few minutes to post or too sick to hold up a computer long enough to post. But now, friends, you're getting a quick (I mean it, kinda) life update! Including Homecoming and pumpkins, because it's fall and what's fall without ORANGE?


I LOVE when the campus is just as orange as can be! Matt said this picture of the library looked creepy. I thought it looked spirited :) | New video board in Gallagher Iba Arena - um, awesome! 

I do believe Gallagher Iba Arena was rrrrrrrrockin'!!! 

Yes, that's a "video board" on the FLOOR of GIA. The intro video was projected onto the floor, and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Now I want to make that happen at the AmPo Gym Grand Opening. #DreamOn | Love those two photo creepers (aka, Kale and Daddy) who joined me and Matt for our picture :) 

Gameday! It was SO cold. But SO fun. And the Pokes won! 


Next, I meant to blog about going to the pumpkin patch. So, here's that:

This year, instead of carving pumpkins, Matt & I decided to paint them! I was so certain my pumpkin was going to turn out perfect - I mean, I carefully selected the most brilliant pumpkin in the patch and planned to turn it into a beautiful princess. Well, that failed. 

Matt searched for the perfect pumpkin and thought he got it, but really, I totally did. Mine was destined for greatness, until someone let a 24-year-old toddler grab a paintbrush and some glittery tulle. 

Santa Shae hasn't made an appearance on the blog, that I know of, but this (on the left) is Santa Shae 2.0: Scary Shae. Matt, on the other hand, perfectly executed a vampire. 


After that, I spent a week sick in bed (from being embarrassed over how ugly that pumpkin turned out of course... #not). I got plenty of Molly Snuggles during my sickness though... isn't she the cutest? 

I also helped paint panther paws through the streets of Amber...

Watched Kale's first two 7th grade basketball games (Go #33! And yes, that shot went in!)...

And bought a new MacBook! I'm officially 100% Apple - iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Just a few years ago I would have been saying these were CRAPple products...so I'd say I've come a long way to the good side :) As I was transferring files from my Dell to my Seagate Backup Plus (have you backed up your computer lately? If not, get on it, and get yourself a Seagate product because they're awesome.), my I got the Blue Screen of Death on my Dell...so obviously it was perfect timing. 

Anyway... I'll be back sometime to update you more on life and adventures :)


  1. Yay for being all Apple! I'm the same :)
    I love your pumpkins!

  2. There is not enough glitter on your pumpkin. I am slightly disappointed.