Get Your Sparkle On

Happy Friday!!

Is it just me, or has this week seriously lasted forever? I'm just glad OSU plays tomorrow, I get to be in Stillwater (and that OU lost last night...#SorryImNotSorry).

Anyway, a few of my favorite things from the last week (ahem, or month).
  1. I've got a new jam, ya'll. Thanks to a coworker's 4 year old daughter loving Barbie music, I was introduced to Get Your Sparkle On. Since then, I've made Matt listen to it several times (sorry about that...) and of course I play it every morning before cheer practice! It's positive and clean and talks about sparkles, so what's not to love?

  2. My mom, ladies and gentlemen, made some DELICIOUS dinner last night. I had a bit of popcorn at the JH game but that was NOT about to cut it, so when I got home I heated up "some chicken thing mom had cooking in the crockpot all day," as my dad put it. It ended up being the Hawaiian Chicken I put together for her Freezer Club Meal Swap two weeks ago! She does this super cool swap with 3 other ladies and we get 4 delicious meals in our freezer to heat up through the week. When you want to eat a meal, you follow their instructions for cooking, but it's all already put together so there's practically no work for you other than turning on the crock pot or oven. These ladies are geniuses, I'm telling you.
    Here's what you need to make this delicious creation:
    1/2 bag frozen chicken tenders (like the big bags you get from the grocery store...sorry this isn't exactly precise)
    1 15oz. can of crushed pineapple (don't drain it!)
    1/2t ground ginger
    1T minced garlic
    1/4c soy sauce
    Put all of that into a crock pot liner and stick it in your crockpot on low heat all day. Serve over brown rice and with some steamed veggies. I didn't have the rice or veggies last night (I wasn't going to eat a whole meal after the game!), but the chicken and pineapple with those other flavors were so delicious.
  3. Herbalife Pumpkin Spice Latte. Um, hello. I ordered some last night (finally, yes I know Wacey) and I can't wait to get it in. Twice this week I stopped by New U Nutrition because I was running late in the morning and too lazy to make my shakes the night before. Kim made me the most delicious shakes and I was SOLD on the special limited edition flavor. Now if it'll just hurry and get here!

  4. Doing Herbalife with my family. It's so much easier to make & drink shakes twice a day when I'm not the only one in the house doing it. Dad is getting creative and making up recipes. Mom is doing shakes. I'm thankful to my family for making the commitment to getting healthy with me. So THANKS FAMIlY! :) 
  5. Red River Ski Area pictures. They have snow and it makes me insanely happy! We're going there in December and I'm counting down! Now, I just need to get new ski pants and find everything else I need for the week, so I'm not actually totally ready, but I just can't wait. And looking at pictures of beautiful snow on that fun mountain just makes me want to leave tomorrow (even though skiing doesn't start for 19 more days. Countdown, much?).
Have a happy weekend, ya'll! Now go get your sparkle on! :)

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  1. I want to get my sparkle on!!! I hope you have a great weekend! xo

    1. Thanks Steph, hope your weekend is great too! :) And yes, go get that song now!

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE the get your sparkle on song, like seriously. I make my friends watch Barbie movies with me sometimes because they're just so cute.