In November, everyone and their puppy does the "daily thanks" posts on Facebook, and I just LOVE seeing all the thankfulness for a week. Although, when you make a status update about how thankful you are for this or that, does it count if two hours later you have updated three more times with rants and whines? I digress.

I'm terrible at updating my Facebook status every day. I mean, yes, I work in social media so I am technically on Facebook part of the day (although not near as much as I used to be since I have a bazillion graphic design projects going on), but I don't spend my time updating my status and creeping - I'm actually working. But I'm thankful, I promise. And not just because this is the month with the holiday that tells to be "giving thanks" - I'm thankful every single day for the incredible life God has blessed me with. So I'll try to turn this into a {sometimes} weekly thing, but since we all know how great I am at updating my blog, and hope others will share some of what they're thankful for too, outside of this month!

Some specific things I'm thankful for this week?

Basketball. It's started at AmPo, and I truly love getting to watch Kaden and Kale play. They both work hard and demonstrate a Christlike attitude on and off the court. They'e both played since they were little, and it's amazing to me how much they've improved and grown through the years. Kale's had 2 games so far this week, and he plays tonight, tomorrow night AND Saturday. It's a busy week for the 7th Grade Panther team. Kaden's games start next week, and I just cannot wait to have this 4-night-a-week thing happening every week! There is just nothing like basketball in a small town, and I am so thankful to get to be a part of the AmPo community.

I'm thankful that Kiera is not just my cousin, but also my sister in Christ! We attended church services at Snow Hill last week for Kiera's baptism. I am so thankful she made the decision to follow Christ. I'm thankful to have been raised in a Christian family. I'm thankful for pastors who bring great messages full of truth and life application - like this one from Todd Littleton on Sunday.

What are you thankful for, friends?



  1. Love that graphic! I don't post the every day thankful thing on Facebook...I never remember! lol

    1. Isn't it cute? i wish i would have had time to come up with something original, but i found that, fell in love, and decided to go with it :) I don't remember to do it either...then there are the people like us who can't remember so they just say "i'm playing catch up" and make a bazillion updates at once. haha.