This week, I'm thankful for...
  • High tech communication. I still remember my mom telling me how cool my Great Grandma Sparks thought it was to Skype with my dad when he was in Singapore. I don't get to see Caylee or Lori or my Littles every day, but I still talk to them regularly thanks to texting (and of course picture messaging... what would I do if I couldn't send my #OOTD off for approval?) ;) While I do appreciate writing a real note and sticking it in the mail, I love being able to communicate with people all the time. 
  • Seat warmers. You guys, it's cold in Oklahoma and I'm a baby. I am so thankful I got the upgraded Jeep with the bun warmers. 
  • A job that allows me to serve people
  • Matt. He doesn't just "put up with" my princess-y tendencies, he understands that's what makes me who I am...but is sure to let me know when the sparkle dust is going a little overboard :) 
  • NyQuil and Vicks Vapor Rub. From October to April, I can't sleep without the duo. 
  • Cheerleading practice, because it gets me out of bed early enough to see a beautiful sunrise twice a week and gives me the perfect excuse to play Get Your Sparkle On. 
  • Molly, because I can always count on my princess diva dog to demand I wait on her hand and foot... then give me eleventy zillion snuggles in return. 


  1. I want seat warmers!!! I'm a bit jealous. :)

  2. Seat warmers are the best! Great Thankful Thursday post!


  3. I love seeing these posts! It is nice to see people who are thankful on more days than just Thanksgiving. And the little things are not to be taken for granted (like NyQuil, ha) Just started following you on GFC (hope you'll follow back!) I love your blog and can't wait to see what you post next.