These aren't spirit fingers....

...THESE are spirit fingers!!

My weekend started out DARK and early on Saturday morning - I say dark rather than bright because at 5:45 a.m. it's still dark outside! The AmPo cheerleaders had a clinic/competition in Stillwater so we had to leave super early to get there on time. They did SO GOOD learning new cheers, practicing stunts and performing their competition cheer. And no...they don't do spirit fingers like that above...

After the clinic, we all walked over to OSU's beautiful Student Union for lunch, stopping for pictures along the way, of course. Just before we got to the Union, we ran into President & Mrs. Hargis, OSU's President and First Lady on their orange golf cart. After we took the picture below, Mrs. Hargis asked to get a picture of all the girls in their matching "Spirit Squad" t-shirts. 

Matt met up with us at the Union and we headed to the game. You guys, I've been extraordinarily forgetful when it comes to our football tickets this season for some reason. One game they were left in the car all the way across campus so we walked back for them, one day I just flat out left them at home, and one day I left them at home but since my parents hadn't left yet they were able to bring them up when they came. Well, this week I was DETERMINED to remember the tickets. I put them in my backpack with all my Saturday things the night before. Matt shot me a text in the morning before he left making sure I had the tickets. I laughed then replied that of course I had them. 

After the clinic was over, we all ran to the car to get ready. At that time, I tore the tickets out of their booklet, then packed the booklets back into the envelope and stuck it in my bag. Apparently, I also put the tickets in the envelope and just thought I had put them in my purse, because as we were sitting at the Union, about to go to the game, I went to take them out of my purse to show Matt I hadn't forgotten them...and they weren't there. I may be losing my brains. I was not about to walk all the way back across campus for the tickets. Thankfully(?), we knew the drill - show my ID at Will Call and they'll just reprint the tickets. In case anyone was wondering, the envelope with the tickets now is residing with Matt and he is responsible for them now. 

Anyway, the game was practically over the second it started when Justin Gilbert returned the kickoff for a touchdown. I did enjoy OSU's salute to veterans during their halftime show, and of course, recognizing Heisman winner Barry Sanders was neat, too. Anyway, it was a day in Stillwater with my favorite guy, so really can I complain about a boring win? 

Also, I've discovered every single picture we take looks almost exactly the same. We'll work on that. 

After the game, we headed to Lucille's, a yummy restaurant in a little town outside of Stillwater. We thought the group of mom + cheerleaders + Ratcliff family was right behind us...WRONG. I've never got so many angry "you reserved a table of 15 and your party still isn't here" looks in my life. Thankfully the restaurant wasn't overly busy so I didn't feel too bad. 

Sunday at church, my brothers sang in the youth choir to start the service and I sang during the service. We then enjoyed a delicious lunch at my Grandma & Granddad's house...then I went home and put on the warmest clothes I could find and enjoyed the rest of a relaxing day snuggling with my Molly Bug! So thankful for such a blessed weekend! 


  1. SPIRIT FINGERS! This sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. Stopping by for the Weekend Shenanigans. Sounds like you had a great time at the game even though you had some ticket drama. I am always fearful of leaving tickets, passports etc behind and check constantly even though I know I have them so I know how you feel. Hope you have a great week!