#Snowklahoma STATE!

Ya'll, apparently we have been transported to Antarctica or something. Oklahoma has turned into a frozen tundra and is covered in ice/sleet/snow. We don't deal with this kind of weather in Oklahoma very well, so Thursday the office closed early, Friday we were off, Saturday half the state about 60,000 of us went to Stillwater, and again today church was closed. Since it still isn't above freezing and roads are a hot frozen mess, school is out for my brothers and all the surrounding schools tomorrow as well.

A lot has happened since we went bear hunting, so let's get to it.

Pre-Snowklahoma, in addition to celebrating Thanksgiving, I (1) got a lap full of Tate snuggles, (2) had a blast on a date downtown with Matt and (3) took my brother to work with me!

#MyLifeAsAuntieShae: Being Tater Bug's Human Mattress 
We dressed fancier than normal and went for a yummy dinner followed by watching some great football! #SweetLife
Kale came to work with me and volunteered! He got to meet my pal Bernie, too!

Then Oklahoma turned into a frozen tundra.

The nice thing about this is I had plenty of time to decorate for Christmas! I have two trees in my room this year - thankfully it's big enough to handle both of them! 
Dad cut a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for me! | Our Elf on the Shelf, Chester, likes to "watch over" us...
Christmas decorations aren't complete until Santa Shae is out! | My other tree has plenty of ORANGE on it!

Since it's been so cold, I've been getting plenty of Molly snuggles, and anytime I've ventured out, I've worn Uggs and fleece lined leggings to keep toasty. At night, I've been extra thankful for my heated mattress pad (seriously, get yourself one) in these sub-freezing temperatures!

Saturday was Bedlam, the day that divides families and friends like nothing else. We braved the weather with layers upon layers of warmth to watch our Cowboys lose in a heartbreaker. All I have to say about this game and people's actions: no matter what team you support, don't be so mean. I saw things I was disappointed in on BOTH sides. Don't take everything so personally that is said about "your team." Don't trip the other team's players. Don't flip off the crowd when you're shown on the jumbo-tron. Also, I am proud to live in the land of the free and the home of the BRAVE where we are all able to support whatever team we like and enjoy football games in 10 degree weather. 
Matt & me
Matt, me, Kaden, Momma, Daddy and Kale

Church was cancelled due to inclement weather and hazardous road conditions, and cabin fever began to set in (yes I was out yesterday, but otherwise, since Thursday at 3, I've been online shopping in my sweats). Dad talked me in to going to check cattle with him, Kale and Hunter, so I pulled on a jacket and joined them. 
Left: target practice at the farm
Top: Daddy visiting with our donkey, Bugs
Bottom: cattle across the frozen pond

And now, as I'm writing this, since my brothers and cousins are out of school tomorrow, two of my little cousins just walked in the door. Hunter and Uncle Shawn have hung out with us most of the afternoon, but they brought Julie back to hang out, too. Julie came in wearing a mustache and I said "I mustache you a question!" I got blank looks from mom, Uncle Shawn and Julie, while Hunter excitedly responded "But I'll save it for later!!" Goodness I love these two kiddos. What a great way to end a blessed couple of weeks. My heart is full and happy.

Oh! And since it's about time for Christmas cards share your bloopers on Instagram! Cassie came up with the idea of sharing those not-so-cute, awkward and unplanned moments that won't make the final card cute but are still absolutely hilarious (at least for the rest of us!). Use #ChristmasCardBloopers2013 when you share on Instagram!

PS - for overwhelming cuteness, watch this video. Thanks Kristen for sharing!! Happy Monday!


  1. I'm kind of jealous. I wanted a snow day. We hardly got anything in STL. :(

  2. It got cold and wet in Virginia but thankfully no ice or snow as it shuts the area down for days. Hope you guys thaw out soon!

  3. I am a little jealous you have snow! I don't ever get snow where I live !
    I'm having a weekend recap linkup on my blog:

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