Rather than being all


about it being Monday, cloudy and freezing, I've decided to take a page out of my Brenna's book and celebrate monograms! If I woke up every day to accessorize with monograms and could just stare at cute puppies until about 10:00 am I am pretty sure I would be a happy camper.

In honor of the Olympics (Go #Merica! USA! USA! USA!), I decided today's #MonogramMonday will feature red, white & blue monograms, obviously appropriate to wear while cheering on our fellow Americans during the Winter Games!

Since everything is better with a bow, why not wear a cute blue & white star bow with a red monogram?
Even though here in Oklahoma it's a little gross cloudy, I see sun on the 7-day. I have some star-shaped sunnies, courtesy of Michaels during 4th of July, that might have to make an appearance. But these monogrammed ones? 10x cooler.

Marley Lilly

Yet another Marley Lilly find, these monogrammed 'Merican Made Spirit Jerseys are perfect. As in, must-have perfect.

Marley Lilly

If the temperatures actually get as warm as they're supposed to this weekend (because 50 is totally a heatwave, ya'll), some outside time will be necessary. Since it's only appropriate to have a game to play while watching the Winter Games, how perfect is this?! Tailgate for #Merica! 

I promise this isn't a Marley Lilly sponsored post, they just have all the best #USA products! I think this cup would be perfect to keep my sweet tea cold. 
again, via
My iPhone and iPad both got an update - if you'd like #MericaForTheGold iPhone & iPad backgrounds with your monogram, email me at shaeken@oketatealumni.org. I'm back on the ball, ya'll, so other custom requests are welcome, too - I'd love to create something perfect just for you :) 

Be sure to stop by Brenna's to check out her #MonogramMonday post - she actually MADE everything in her post, and my talented friend is setting up an Etsy shop! That ring dish she posted is calling my name.

PS - Amber's only favorite restaurant, Ken's Steaks & Ribs, is up for Best BBQ Joint in the Best of Chickasaw Country!!!! Help them win by voting every day!

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