#WeddingWednesday: Engagement Pictures

Last week I told you how much I couldn't wait to see our engagement pictures...and not even 24 hours later, they were in my inbox!! Lindsey is like a fairy, for real.

If we're Facebook friends, there's a 99% chance you've already looked at all of them. Before you go any further, go watch this video that she put together of our engagement session - we were having so much fun!

Did you watch it?

Okay good.

Now I'll share a few of my favorite pictures :)

I think this is the one she asked him what his favorite thing is that I make. You guys, I make some really awesome Rice Krispy Treats. His answer? When I pick up pizza. Clearly I've got some work to do in the culinary department.
L. Lenae Photography
L. Lenae Photography
L. Lenae Photography

Don't worry - I got him back right about here when she asked me what my favorite thing is that he makes... Chic-fil-a for the win!
L. Lenae Photography

Isn't Lindsey just the greatest!? I told her I wanted to sing a song about how awesome she is. I am SO excited she's going to be photographing our wedding in May! I just know she's going to capture all the most amazing parts. Hop over to her blog to see more pictures of our engagement session (along with more of her work, of course)!!  

PS that awesome hair I'm rocking? Courtesy of Miss Magan LaNae Link. Talented cousin I have (and she didn't even pay me to write this...yet). 



  1. I love the video and all the pictures turned out SO good!

  2. I just LOVE your engagement photos. You are so beautiful!