Since I promised Tiffany I would do a little blogging about the wedding plans, I figured this is a good way to start! We have 80 days to go (whoa!) and are definitely in planning mode.

We're taking engagement pictures on Sunday! I am so excited to meet our photographer and see what fun we have taking the pictures. We've picked out outfits - well, Matt has, at least. I have a dress to wear but I need something casual, too (suggestions??). When we first talked to Lindsey, she said to start a Pinterest board with some of our favorite examples so she can get a feel for what we like - so I'm sharing a couple of our favorite ideas today!

Since we are planning to take the pictures in Stillwater, of course I searched for a few on library lawn! I love this shot so much.

Matt's favorite that we've found is this one:
I bought cute chalkboards so we can recreate that one - we found one with chalkboards but it seems to have disappeared from Pinterest!

What are your favorite engagement pictures ideas? I can't wait to share our pictures! :) 


  1. Ahh! Yay for wedding blogs! :) You guys are getting married in 80 days, seriously? That is awesome. And SO jealous of the engagement pictures in Stillwater. I know they'll be awesome!

    1. :) YES It's coming so fast! May 3, 2014! I'm so excited! I can't wait to share the pictures, I just can't imagine a better place to take them!! :)