Happy #WeddingWednesday! This update is such a fun week to share :)

On Sunday, we took our engagement pictures!! I loved meeting our wonderful photographer and her husband! Lindsey is absolutely the sweetest and I cannot wait to see all the engagement pictures (and wedding, too, of course!)! She posted a few sneak peek pictures on Facebook - go check them out and like her page (I'm only sharing one here because I REALLY want you to go look and like her page!!).
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Other awesome news from the week... We closed on our house yesterday!! We are so excited - you can look forward to many posts about this in the future! 

In front of our house! 

In our living room - I had to "decorate" something!

Dad & Matt figuring out the fire place

We had to paint over those two hideous crimson letters!!

Our realtor and the previous owner both left sweet gifts for us! 
Our parents and siblings met us at the house after we closed, and we both enjoyed getting to show it off to them. I told you this was an fun week! 

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