Weekend Recap

The sun is shining in Oklahoma, ya'll!! I am so excited that my sunglasses are actually doing something than accessorizing my face while I drive down the road. I love winter, but I am welcoming this burst of warmth and sunshine with a party of glitter after the crazy cold we've had.

Since Valentine's Day was Friday, I attempted to make some sweet treats for my sweetheart. Mom suggested I put a spin on my rice krispy treats - the ONE thing I am always good at making - and make them into the shape of Kisses.

It was such an epic fail that I didn't even take a picture. Let's just say, the shape of the funnel matters - my local Walmart only had one funnel shape available (in all of the home and auto sections). 

See the indentions on the side of the funnel? That meant it was not going to be perfectly symmetrical like a normal funnel would be. Even wrapped in foil, my rice krispy creation did not look ANYTHING like the giant oversized kisses linked above. #fail. Thankfully, the ugliness didn't affect the taste that I know of. Kaden and Kale (and dad...and mom...and me) happily finished one pan of them while I gave another to Matt. 

Now, my baking wasn't a complete failure. I did successfully make Chocolate Kiss Cookies! Not all of them were absolutely beautiful, but I have on good record that they are delicious. Not bad for stepping out of my rice krispy box and trying to make something new! This is proof that Matt will not, in fact, starve when we get married. He'll be full of treats. 

Matt surprised me by showing up at work - in the middle of a crazy busy morning - with beautiful flowers! I couldn't stop smiling. 

Since we are closing on our house tomorrow, Matt has something planned for Valentine's Day this week. He let me pick what else to do on Friday night, and since K had a game at Minco, I decided we needed to go to the game! Plus, it meant we could visit Tate & Lori :)

Saturday, we went to look at tuxedos for the wedding! We picked what we wanted, and they said if we'd visit them at the Bridal Show on Sunday, we could get half off two rentals. Deal.

Decisions being made, ya'll!! :) 
When did I give you permission to look so grown up, K?
After all that excitement, we ate lunch with my parents and looked at refrigerators. We also picked up a can of spray paint, and I'll be sure to post an update on that...project...soon :) We have a little fixing up to do! 

On Sunday, after Magan did my hair & makeup, Matt & I ran to the bridal show to get our discount. And ran is almost literal - I was in and out in about 5 minutes. We had important things to get to! We had the final walkthrough at the house at 1:00, and had to leave there by 1:30...

...because we were headed to Stillwater!! We had engagement pictures yesterday, and now I'm stalking our photographer's Facebook until the preview is posted (and I mean that in a totally non creeper way). She was SO wonderful to work with and had both of us cracking up. I can't wait to see our pictures!

No trip to Stillwater is complete without a Barn Coke.
When we got back to town, we celebrated the silliest 6 year old I know! Julie had a dream party - Barbie gifts, Barbie cake, and a family who loves her to pieces :) 

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  1. Why did I have to share a pan of rice krispies and Matt didn't???