Bridal Weekend

Three days of pampering, parties and fun... could a girl ask for anything else? I think not!

I took off work last Friday because a) I have a lot of PTO to use, b) I needed to have a hair trial and c) I needed wanted to get my nails done. Obvi points B & C were the real reasons.

The day started out with my usual 5:15 a.m. MWF workouts - mornings are not my thing so I amaze myself 3 times a week by dragging my hiney out of bed and to the gym before the rest of the house is even awake (and yes I'm shamelessly bragging!!). After a quick shower, it was time for a trip to the salon to see my lovely Sarena and see just what kind of hair I would have on the wedding day!

After pointing at a million pieces of pictures and saying "I like this about this one, that about that one, and please don't do this like this one!" Sarena put together exactly what I had pictured! Of course, you're not getting pictures of it here... I mean what's the fun in that?

Working at the hair salon :) 

After getting my nails done, I met Caylee for lunch and running errands all over the city. Basket Market, like Hobby Lobby's little sister, is my new favorite place.
I need your vote! Light pink nails like this or French tips for the wedding?

After a Friday night making hostess gifts and discussing wedding details, I finally felt much better about all I still have left to do - it's a lot, ya'll! 

Saturday started off the parties portion of the weekend with a Bridal Brunch at 10:30! We were Betting on Love at the Kentucky Derby theme shower complete with (virgin) Mint Juleps and big floppy hats! We're getting Married on Derby Day so it was a perfect way to celebrate. I didn't take a single picture so I've had to swipe some from the girls who were there. I know mom and I took one, but I can't find it - she wore the hat/veil she wore at her wedding and looked awesome - I'll be sure to post as soon as I find it! :) 

Aren't my friends the cutest?
Pictured: Brenna, Kristen, Lori, Me, Magan, Caylee, Meg, Weezer & Pailynn
Not pictured: all the wonderful "grown ups" who celebrated with us :) 

Look close - that food? Delicious. Thanks to my Aunt Kandi for her hard work! 

The glass pictured in the top middle? These are in honor of the Running of the Fillies, which takes place the day before the Derby. This year, they're running on my birthday, May 2. How cool to have something with my birthday to celebrate my singleness, since it'll be my last day as a single girl! The mint juleps served in these cups were just as tasty as these cups are pretty... must get recipe for this summer!

Saturday afternoon, Magan, Weezer and Lori so kindly kicked me out of my own house, so Matt, Caylee, Meg and I went shopping! We picked out a washer/dryer then hit the Outlet Mall.

Saturday evening was the bachlorette party, and thank goodness they kept it on the tame side :) We enjoyed dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse followed by games and movies at my house (we kicked Matt out for the evening!). 
Car picture! Me, Caylee, Meg & Kristen

They had me all Bride Blinged out - button, sash, flower crown & tiara!

Car pic! Magan, Lori & Weezer

Sunday afternoon my church hosted a shower for Matt & me. Family and friends came and I was absolutely blown away by the love (& Keurigs!! haha) we were showered with. I cannot adequately say how blessed we are and how thankful I am for my family, friends and FBC Tuttle family. I know I have more pictures on Momma's camera, but I have no idea where that might be! 
Caitlin, me & Mag after the shower

I know I have so much more I want to share - hostess gifts, glue gun woes, and maximizing your $$ at Hob Lob - I'm a pro by now - but my brain is just all jumbled. I'll be back soon with more excitement and maybe a few DIY's that I've loved :) 

But for real - pink or French tip nails? #BrideProblems :) 

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  1. I'm clearly behind on my blogging and blog reading but I vote light pink.