#WeddingWednesday: Wedding Week

Obviously, I've been a bad blogger in regards to updating on all the wedding activities! I promise I have a running list of everything I've wanted to blog about and will share after the wedding - so many things are surprises and little bits of fun that I don't want to ruin it all :)

However, I come to you, 2 days before my 25th birthday and 3 days before my wedding, asking you to pray for me. You see, I decided to kick my "get in shape" mission into overdrive in January and started working out with a trainer instead of just running. A few months ago, I had a lower back injury. For two weeks, I couldn't do anything at all and it was miserable. Thanks to a good doctor, I made it through the weeks without too many problems and was back to lifting soon, though the lower back work was very slowly introduced just a few weeks ago.

Well, yesterday morning, I did it again. And this time, it's even worse. I can't walk or stand without some MAJOR assistance. I am using a walker to shuffle around (I don't think what I'm doing is considered walking) and wearing a back brace. Contingency plans have been made for my shoes, because I'm fearful my heels won't be happening on Saturday. Mom, Dad, Kaden, Kale, Grandma Nett and Aunt Bettie have done a STELLAR job of taking care of me for the last 36-ish hours... My poor momma had to practically carry me down the stairs and into physical therapy as I just cried. Crying is my new favorite way of communication, apparently... It's an exciting, emotional week and I'm a ball of emotions (Ahem, Brent) already, but when I'm on pain medicine, it just goes to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. I just weep and weep.

So, I have a few prayer requests.
1. That the pain medicine won't turn me into a weeping willow.
2. That the Lord will do a miraculous work on my back and HEAL me! Pray His healing hands will be all over my back and make it 100%. I am so excited for the wedding and I want to enjoy it, and we are going to DISNEY WORLD so obviously there's going to be a lot of WALKING, not shuffling, needed to happen.
3. And while you're at it, ask Jesus to bless Matt and I as we start our life together on Saturday!

Thanks friends!

My walker view


  1. Sending prayers for healing and a lifetime of love and happiness!

  2. Oh bless your heart, Shae! I am SO sorry! Hang in there and I'll be praying!