#MattAndShae: The Details

So, I got married and I forgot how to blog apparently... #whoops. I've been learning to do laundry, cook food that Matt will eat, teaching Thabo how to snuggle and trying to dig my way out of a pile of stuff to make it so we can actually sit on the couches or at the table! This being married thing is fun, though it's still really weird when someone refers to me as "Mrs. Mortimer!"

I want to get back in the rhythm of blogging regularly, but I also want to share every single piece of our wedding - everything from the parties to the honeymoon - so I figured now is a good place to start! So, without further ado, a few of the details that made our day "us."

Warning: Picture overload ahead!

The shoes
Matt, his groomsmen and our ring bearer wore converse high tops
My shoes, kind of! These were the shoes I bought to wear for the wedding, just a week or so after we got engaged. With my back injury (and crazy swollen feet/body as a result of it - hello, cankles!), I was unable to wear them. My Momma and Aunt Nell took me to get a pedicure (with my wonderful cousin Michael!) and we quickly went to the mall to get a pair of squishy foam flip flops that were the same height as these - I'd been wearing a pair of super squishy flip flops my grandma got me all week so we thought they'd work. Well, the day of, I tried wearing the heels - ouch. Tried wearing the flip flops - still ouch. I kicked them off, and almost got my hiney kicked when it was discovered I didn't wear any shoes during the ceremony or reception! :) 
Matt's shoes

Ceremony Decor

My parents bought us a family Bible, which each of our parents and grandparents signed. I remember the family Bible that sat on my Grandpa and Grandma Sparks' coffee table growing up, and it's so special to have one of our own. 

We kept the decorations in the ceremony very simple - just white pillar candles, which I loved. The candles pictured below were placed in memory of loved ones who were influential on our lives and no longer with us.

The rings!

I wore my Great Grandma Sparks' wedding ring - something old, and something borrowed. My momma wears it every day, which just added to how special it was to wear. Grandma Sparks was truly my first best friend - I refused to stay with any other "babysitter" when I was a little girl! She was the most special lady and I am blessed to have so many wonderful memories with her. I miss her every day, and it was so special to have her "with" me.

Hidden Mickey!
My Little Mermaid engagement ring - starting a whole new world! It was in the box our ring bearer, Easton, carried, so it was at the front with us :) 
My beautiful engagement ring - the most beautiful ring I've ever laid eyes upon!
Thanks to Kaden and my Uncle Aaron, we have the most beautiful ring box! Easton carried this box and we will use it to keep our rings at night. Uncle Aaron stained the box and lined it with felt, and Kaden burned the "M" on the top and added the subtle orange glow.

Mary Kay makeup, of course!
Matt got me a pillow with all our important dates on it! It's so beautiful (so is my momma, holding it!).

The dresses

My bridesmaids wore the prettiest classic black dresses - with pockets - along with pearls and black heels. I was just glad there were no #CeremonySelfies taken :) I got them personalized hangers (with bows, of course) to display them on! My Grandma Vickie made Kiera's dress to match "the big girls" and it was just perfect.
My dress!! It was the most beautiful, perfect dress I could have ever imagined. I must say, Momma, K and Brent, you were all right and I am so glad to have the perfect entourage picking it for me. It was lace, tulle and sparkly - everything I wanted!!!

Julie's flower girl dress - she wore the dress I wore in 1997 when I was passing on my Little Miss Tuttle title!

The amazingly talented & hilarious KK Tester did our makeup, & what an INCREDIBLE job she did!!

My beautiful Aunt Kandi!
Our programs
I designed our programs, and printed them at QuikPrint, an awesome company in OKC. I do a lot of printing with them, and if you're in the area and need to print things, I highly recommend them (I use the Airport location). I wanted these cure little boxes to put them in at the guestbook, but they needed to be dressed up. K burned the M and arrow onto the hearts to help sis solve the problem! I'm telling you, that kid has talent - the arrow was freehanded!! (PS - notice the sparkly silver table cloths? Total surprise to me - LOVED them!!!!!)


The other dresses
My Grandma Vickie, Momma and Grandma Nett still have their wedding dresses, and the coolest idea EVER invented was to display them at our reception! 

My Grandma Nett's wedding dress

My Grandma Vickie's wedding dress - I actually tried on a short dress similar to this! It was adorable, but that was the problem with it on me - I felt like Little Miss Tuttle again!

My Momma's dress - just as beautiful as the lady that wore it. I couldn't have worn it if I worked out all day every day - it is TINY! K made the mistake of asking mom "so when exactly did you gain all your weight?" (note - my mom is not a large lady) The answer - when she had him!! #BigBaby
The cakes
Made by no one other than the legendary Laura Conner, of Tuttle. I'm not even kidding. Laura's cakes are the BEST I've ever tasted. In order to have enough cake for all the people anticipated to attend the wedding, we were going to need a 9 tier - yes that's N I N E tiers! - cake. Um, guys, that'd be a LOT taller than me, even sitting on the ground! #notokay. So, the incredible solution was not one cake (well, two, because we had a groom's cake too of course), but S E V E N additional cakes, making up the most delicious buffet you've ever tasted - the Cake Bar! Laura made everything from chocolate italian cream to strawberry, and they were gone in a flash. For a special touch for our OSU-themed reception, she added OSU-themed toppers to all of them, and we displayed Kale's helmets on the table! The cakes were also each on a unique crystal cake stand. Love!

My monogramed cake topper! I'll do a vendors & gifts list in another post - I can't find the link right now :) 
The cake of my DREAMS! Five layers, three with rosette detailing and two smooth with a sparkle wrap at the bottom. OH! I love it so much. I'm telling you, Laura is the absolute BEST!

Matt's groom's cake, made by my cousin, Weezer Elisa :) Weez is insanely talented, and yes, that Pete head and those paddles are made of fondant, which she cut out. Matt actually pulled out his designer's hat and designed the cake, and Weezer made his dream come true! Seriously, we are so blessed to have such talented family and friends.

The Candy Bar
Because love is SWEET! And, Matt is a candyaholic - he loves candy almost as much as he loves me, I think. We had everything you could imagine, and my mom's students got to enjoy candy the last couple of weeks of school because it was running out of our ears! The candy was displayed in unique glasses we bought from theknot.com, at an estate sale, my grandma gave me, and my cousin's niece let us borrow. Some were apothecary glasses and some were cut crystal. I loved the uniqueness!

The floats
We had planned on having "Orange Power Floats" - vanilla ice cream with orange crush. But, my momma came up with a second flavor so that those who didn't want orange crush could enjoy the floats, too - Root for the Pokes Floats, made with root beer of course! From what I hear, they were delicious (did I mention we were too busy to try anything other than a little bite of cake!?) 

The candy bar and floats!

We had monogramed plastic cups! For those not familiar with Stillwater, Eskimo Joe's has the BEST plastic cups (okay, you can get them at a lot of places, but "Joe's Cups" are a staple of every OSU student's - and fan's - drinkware collection). We were going to get them, but decided there's nothing more awesome than a monogram and combined the two ideas to have monogrammed plastic cups! #win

The photobooth
Really, I thought we were about done with detail pictures - but our photographer is so awesome and literally captured everything! I keep being surprised with what's next. We had a photobooth with orange, black and white (and a lot of OSU!) props! Basketballs, cowboy hats, feather boas, you name it, we had it. It was fun to see pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook tagged #MattAndShae (seriously, please go look!) of people having fun!

 The Rally Towels
Come on you guys, it was an OSU themed reception. Did you really expect non-sports related anything!? We had custom rally towels for our guests to wave as we left, which was literally the COOLEST thing ever!! We ran out to a sea of orange, and many of those towels were waved by our friends who wear crimson and root for the school down south. Just further proof we are loved - Bedlam is the real deal, ya'll! 

Whew! If you made it all the way here, you rock!!
I'll be back next time with more pictures and stories about the wedding - I'm telling you, it truly was a fairy tale day, with everything I've ever dreamed of and then some. I've got to share it all!!

Photos by Lindsey McClennehan of L. Lenae Photography. She's wonderful. Check her out!

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  1. Oh, Shae!! I just love all of it! All of the orange---perfect! And the idea to have your mom and grandmas' dresses? Absolutely amazing. I have never seen that done before!