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I'll be back with more pictures tomorrow soon - let's be real, who knows if it'll be tomorrow or not! Today, I wanted to share our invitations and other printed "stuff."

One of my favorite parts about planning the wedding was getting to design everything. I am a designer in real life, so it was a real treat to make everything be exactly what I wanted. I love clean design and pretty and unique fonts, I am obsessed with monograms, and we were planning an OSU-ish wedding, so you'll see those themes come through in all our wedding designs!

We were engaged a couple of days before Christmas, and planning an early May wedding - there was no time for printed save the dates (we didn't even know if we would have time for engagement pictures! Thankfully, we did, and I love them!). So, living in 2014 as we do, we made a Facebook event page and invited people to it - with a formal invitation to follow, of course. We also made a wedding website so people could get more information.
Facebook event cover photo. Oh hey there #hashtag :)
One of the first things I had to take care of: asking the 'maids! I put together little "ring boxes" with bling and ring pops, and attached a note to "pop the question." I think they all loved them :)
Swiped this picture from Mag's instagram - I didn't get a picture of the actual boxes, but they're what she's holding in her hand :) Also, see those two adorable girls to the right? Yeah, that's us.
Magan and Lori soon started planning a girls' night to celebrate my last months of singleladyhood, and I got to design one of the invitations, which was fun because I could throw as much glitter at it as I wanted and no one could tell me no! My dear friend Brenna designed the invitations for the Bridal Brunch they hosted, and seriously, it is adorable. Go look!

For the invitations, again, I wanted something clean and simple and monogrammed. So, viola!

I wanted the entire wedding to have a cohesive feel, from the save the date to the invitations to the very last thing you saw (the rally towels, which used the same designs as everything else you see!). So, the first page of the guestbook (shown below) had our beautiful logo, and every page had a monogrammed watermark.

Of course, that means our programs were going to have the same feel, as well! Our logo & stripe-y border on the front, a watermark logo inside, and our three fonts and beautiful orange, black and gray colors.

Back and front of the program

left and right inside of the program

Again, it's 2014, so we knew people would likely be on their phones as some point during the day. Thankfully there were no dings of a text or rings of a call during the ceremony, and people used #MattAndShae on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to let us see their view of the day - it was awesome! (especially considering in the madness of the week's injury and general busy-ness, I left the camera/tripod/remote shutter at home that went with the photobooth. No problem - that's what phones are for anyway!)

The candy bar kept our stripes & monogram feel. The "Love is sweet!" sign was framed on the table, the floats signs were on the floats, and the candy signs were like little tents, sitting in front of the candy. It was great!

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