#MattAndShae: The Wedding Party

Happy #WeddingWednesday, ya'll! 

Today I'd like to share pictures of the absolute best friends on the planet: ours! My 'maids and Matt's 'men are awesome and we are so thankful to have them in our lives. Be sure to stick around to the end - there's an awesome picture you won't want to miss!
Our beautiful friends!
I couldn't pick between these two pictures! Kiera (far right) has the best expression in the first one :)

I really don't do serious well (shocker, I know), but some people could be models with the faces they've got going on.

Our flower girl, Julie, and ring bearer, Easton. I know, they're the cutest tiny humans on the planet. They also happen to be my cousins :) Julie is wearing the dress I wore as Little Miss Tuttle, and of course Easton is wearing Converse shoes to match the big guys! 

The 'maids

None of the girls knew what my dress looked like! This is their first glimpse of it :)




The 'men




Casey had to take a #selfie


And now, the promised picture to stick around for: the Brady Bunch!

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