#MattAndShae: The Ceremony

I'm finally sharing pictures from the actual wedding!!! 

Our wedding was so, so special. We involved those closest to us from the very beginning and Marty, my youth pastor, brought a message using verses that we chose during our premarital education. I seriously couldn't have imagined a more perfect ceremony.

As our gusts arrived, they were greeted with two ladies who just simply radiate joy and love: my dear friend Brittany and my Keely Bug. When we started planning the wedding, that was actually one of the first decisions made. I knew I wanted our guests to be welcomed and feel love, since we were celebrating love, after all, and I knew Brittany and Keely were THE people for the job! Brittany and I became friends in Phi Lamb, and she's always been a friend to encourage me, inspire me, pray for me and love me. No matter the time that passes, our friendship is constant! Keely and Kaden became friends when the boys moved to AmPo, and soon she became like my little sister. She's crazy talented and a ball of fun. 
Brittany - isn't she beautiful!
My Bug - I didn't get a picture of her at the ceremony, so here we are celebrating America! 
 My cousins, Hunter and Jennifer, were our candle lighters. I was so impressed - they didn't even knock any of the candles over (ahem, groomsmen...). :)


When I was younger, I heard and loved this song, and just knew I wanted it played at my wedding. We're talking middle school, people. I was dedicated to this song, apparently. Rusty and Brooke seriously made this song perfect.. I may have cried when I heard them sing it during the rehearsal...


As our parents and grandparents were seated, we had them sign our family Bible, which now lives on our mantel. I have memories of my Grandma Sparks' giant family Bible on their coffee table, and love having one of our own.
Matt walked his parents down the isle.

My brothers escorted my mom in.

And then it was time for the ceremony!

The girls all decided to hug/high five Matt as they walked on stage - I missed this, but it was apparently hilarious! 

Kiera wasn't quite on board, and apparently gave Matt a look - maybe a precursor to her post-wedding cry that he was stealing her cousin??? :) 
I had six Honor Attendants - my 2 aunts, 2 of my cousins, and 2 friends who I consider family. They handed me pieces of my bouquet as my dad and I walked down the isle, then I handed my bouquet to my mom, who tied it together with the help of my Grandma Nett and Grandma Vickie.

Getting piece one from Cindy, one of my mom's best friends, who we consider family. Cindy took me to my first OSU football game when I was in middle school and I was hooked (even though I really didn't know everything that was going on). My parents got tickets a few years later, and I got my own tickets when I went to school. We've gone to bowl games, away games and too many trips to Stillwater to count!

Getting piece two from Christie, my cousin. Christie will always be known as the meanest babysitter ever (she's not really, ya'll!) and one of the best "show coaches" I ever had. Christie and Steve (her brother - yes, another cousin!) spent countless hours in the barn with me teaching me how to show sheep (or getting me in line when I wasn't doing what I knew to do...). 
Getting piece three from Christy. Christy is my mom's best friend who is also considered family. Christy took me to South Carolina when I was in 8th grade and we went to Wet Willies, which is a place to get "frozen drinks" but the cup says "a bar...a party," so... :) Our families also took Disney World trips together and made awesome memories and jokes that we still crack up over. Christy planned our Disney Honeymoon because she's a Disney Expert, too!
The fourth piece of my bouquet came from my beautiful Aunt Nell, who came all the way from Seattle, Washington! My Aunt Nell and I have always had a special relationship and I just think the world of her. I'm glad Bear lives here now (her son) because it means she will come visit us more often :) :) :) 

Getting the fifth piece of my bouquet from Katie, my cousin (in case you're keeping track, yes I have a lot of cousins. Katie is also Christie's sister). Katie was always my cool older cousin (she and Christie showed sheep, which obviously was why I wanted to!) but when I was a teenager we became besties. She bravely let me take her brand new car to take my driver's test, and slumber parties with her were the best. She makes the most awesome cookies on earth, Monster Cookies, which I now have the recipe to, yay!

The last piece of my bouquet came from my Aunt Kandi, who is my mom's sister, my best friend's mom, and a second mom to me. Her love and encouragement has always meant the world to me. Aunt Kandi is strength and determination tied with sass. She left a special gift in my bouquet which I will treasure forever.
Giving my bouquet to mom!


A kiss from my Momma

My girls!
Matt's guys!
When Marty asked who was giving me away, my mom cheered.  I thought it was hilarious (and so did she, obviously)!



Easton: "Is this thing over yet??" 
Saying our vows.
On the invitation, we asked people to "join in the fun" by wearing black or orange - hello, you can't have an OSU wedding if there's no orange present! I LOVE these back of church shots where you can see that literally everyone participated!! You see, we know plenty of OU fans and I wasn't so sure they wouldn't show up in crimson some offensive color :) But even my Uncle Bob, the most obnoxious OU fan there is (and he knows I say that in love!), showed up in ORANGE! Major WIN!

My Momma and Daddy
Matt's parents, Marty & Dianne
Lighting the unity candle

Signing our family Bible

Praying together

I just love this.
At one point, Magan leaned down to fix my train and said "Don't worry, I have the ring." Well, that immediately made me worry, because why would you tell me NOT to worry - that's your job!! Well, she was being for real - she had it - apparently just trying to ease any nerves. 

The groomsmen, however, had other tricks up their sleeves. Tyler didn't have it... 



Easton thought maybe he had it in the ring box (he carried the box holding my Little Mermaid engagement ring) - because none of the crazy big boys knew where it was... 


And finally, it was found, in the pocket of Kale. Whew! :) 


I really, really wish I could remember what was so funny here!! 

Hey, we're married!! 

Could two humans possibly be more adorable? I think not!!

Even Kiera and Kale made it back down the isle without tripping one another! 
Matt, me and Marty Williams, my Youth Pastor, who guided us through our marriage education course and performed our ceremony. 

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  1. Beautiful, Shae!! I just love the whole thing! It all seems so special! Congratulations again!