#MattAndShae: DISNEY WORLD!!!

And finally, the post I know you've been awaiting for almost three months: DISNEY WORLD!!!

"We're going to Disney World!!!!!"

"We have Disney Magic Bands!!!!!" 

After staying a night at the beautiful Winstar World Casino Hotel, we drove on to Dallas to fly out. We got to Disney World early enough that we could enjoy Magic Kingdom for a few hours before the park closed! Before we get started, you'll notice some of these pictures aren't selfies! "How did you go to Disney World by yourself and not have to take selfies?" you ask? Well, we didn't hand our camera over to a stranger at every stop (just once!). We bought the Memory Maker and it is worth EVERY penny. Buy it before you go (it's only $150 then - it's $200 when you're at the park). You can sync it with your Magic Band (which is your room key, park ticket and meal plan) so even if you split up from your group, everyone can still use it to take awesome pictures around the park. Pictures taken on rides or by PhotoPass photographers are loaded on to this and you can download them on to your computer when you get home, then share them, print them, whatever! We had more than 50 pictures to download - so obviously buying this it's a much better deal than had we bought all 50 pictures individually. That is my one piece of advice to every person going to Disney World. For other advice, or to get your trip planning on, visit Christy and Granny Carol at Dream Vacation Travel Specialists - they're both Disney Pros and planned our trip (in fact, they've planned every Disney trip I've gone on!).  

Okay now on to the pictures!

This picture is the reason we bought the Memory Maker.
Tower of Terror - 1. Shae - 0.
(I'm on the top in the green. Crying. Real tears. While my new husband laughs.)
Matt pretended to be asleep. I closed my eyes. BUT I rode all these roller coasters and didn't cry (other than the Tower of Terror. But come on, terror is in the name!!!)

I beat Matt at this!
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
The castle!!
I'm wearing a backpack because we just got to the park after dinner, which was a dress up dinner. In my backpack are clothes for both of us, so we can have fun in the park...before changing back into these clothes to go watch fireworks at California Grill (where we had dinner). Beautiful and delicious!
We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside, in the Acadian House. 

We arrived just after May the 4th be with You and Revenge of the 5th, and just before Star Wars Weekend. Toy Story Pizza Planet had Darth Vader Chocolate Cupcakes. Delicious, but insanely rich. 
We ate at the Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Restaurant one night. The "booths" are cars and everyone faces the screen. It was cool!

One night we ate dinner at California Grill, inside the Contemporary Hotel. The food was delicious, but the views!! They were amazing. 

Matt's chocolate candy bar. #fancypants
When you dine at the California Grill, you get to come back for their spectacular view of the fireworks show over Magic Kingdom.

We posed with the lego characters at downtown disney:

And had Bangers & Mash in Epcot:

Of course, Mickey ice cream bars were a must (along with Mickey rice krispy treats!).

These views are from one of the bridges on our hotel's grounds. Beautiful!

One night we ate at Le Cellier, and it was absolutely the best dining experience ever. They had amazing bread. The salad was good. The steaks were absolutely the very best I've ever had in my entire life (sorry dad). I have dreams about those steaks. Then, our waitress brought us a cute little white chocolate message on our Maple Creme Brulee. Canada, you do it right in Disney World. I've already told Matt that we WILL be back there next time we go! 

We also dined with Characters, and Tigger was a little creepy. 

I can't get this picture to flip, but it was my appetizer at California Grill - BBQ pork and apple flatbread. Absolutely amazing. Also, another "Disney Do" - DO get the meal plan! Our meal plan gave us 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. We had extra snacks but no extra meals (and we bought snacks to bring home with us with our "extras!). You will eat well and you will not regret it because you will walk your hiney off. On the meal plan, we got an appetizer, entree, dessert and drink at every meal (except breakfast, because who needs an appetizer and dessert at breakfast?).

We brought some magic home with us - because Disney should be part of every day (also, I want to cry writing this because I love Disney so much and want to go back. Thank goodness for souvenirs!). 

I was a "cool wife" and went to the arcade at Downtown Disney :) 

The churro people FAILED me. They were warm in the box and they're lucky I'm honest and didn't take one. I wanted one so bad...and need to go back tomorrow just so I can have one. And a Dole Whip. Yum. 

All too soon, it was time for the saddest plane ride: the one leaving Disney World. :( 

But we are so thankful we got to start our Happily Ever After at the Happiest Place on Earth! (Can we go back now, Matt??? PLEASE!????)

Click here if you'd like to see more Disney pictures!! That's my Flickr page - I didn't want to overwhelm the blog with a bazillion pictures when they're already uploaded somewhere else :) 


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    1. It was a blast!!! I want to go back now!

  2. Awwww, this is awesome! I love Disney too! We were there when you were but couldn't meet up. I want to go back too! Let's go!!!