#MattAndShae: Mr. & Mrs.

I'm baaaaaa-aaaack!!!

This time, to share pictures of the stars of the show: us! (I promise - honeymoon pictures are next!)

First off - our first look. We had a lot of pictures to take, and I'm so glad that we saw each other before the ceremony and took care of all but 5 pictures (the giant family pictures) - I don't think I had any eye makeup left by the time the ceremony was over :)


I love these two pictures:

And now, for more formal pictures. We like to have fun (as you could tell by our wedding party photos), and our pictures truly reflect that. 

Sometimes I think I married a model. It's impossible to take a bad picture of this guy.

My favorite, favorite, favorite picture! 


I surprised my Superman with his own Superman photoshoot :) Also, since we were going to Disney World, my coworkers hooked us up with Mr & Mrs Mouse Ears. Love! 


Secret: I was sitting in an ugly metal folding chair for these first two pictures, because my back hurt too bad to stand up. You can see it in the corner if you look close :) I am not wearing shoes in the second pictures...or any other pictures, in fact. I kicked them off as soon as we got outside because they were hurting my back Also, I wanted big hair, and Sarena nailed it! "Texas Beauty Queen" hair, we called it.

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  1. Oh Shae, you look so beautiful!! I cannot wait to see honeymoon photos!

  2. Thank you!!! I felt like a princess... truly everything I could have ever imagined and then some.