#blogtemberchallenge: Currently.

Happy game day!!!

Not soon enough in a few hours, we'll be making the first of several trips this fall up i35, taking exit 174 for highway 51 east into STILLWATER to watch my Cowboys play!! Matt, don't forget the tickets. It's your job this year. Mom, don't forget your tickets either!! :) 

Today I'm linking up with Bailey for the #blogtemberchallenge! Today's prompt is "currently."

So, currently I'm...

reading: Sophie Kinsella books, and cracking up at them. Matt has realized if I'm staring at my iPad giggling uncontrollably, it's probably at the book. 

watching: College Gameday (probably). It's Saturday during football season, what else is there to watch?? 

trying: to successfully sew a cardigan, so I can move on to more projects that I'm dying to do. My "oh sew cute" pinboard is growing. Also, trying to justify the need to buy a new sewing table since mine is propped together and beyond what gorilla glue can fix. 

eating: healthier, and loving it. Baked chicken was on the menu several nights this week, and salads were for lunch. 

pinning: mostly healthy recipes, fall decorations, fall clothes and sewing projects I'm dreaming of.

tweeting: so much at work that I don't want to at home, apparently. I've been quiet this week. 

loving: the cooler weather in the forecast. Come on fall.

dreaming: of winter vacation. Drive all night to ski? Hop on a plane to Vegas? Find a beach or somewhere warm? Hide at home? Suggestions welcome.

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  1. I love salads. I have been craving them like crazy lately. Also, I am VERY VERY ready for Fall! And, I'm going to have to read some of these Sophie Kinsella books. I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  2. Your sewing projects are making me miss my sewing machine oh-so-much. That's practically the best hobby ever.