Friday Favorites: It's Fall, Ya'll!

I'm so excited that the weather is finally feeling fall-like! I'm a fan of all things cozy, fireplaces and mom's hot chocolate mix with lots of marshmallows (I guess now that I'm married I should probably get a copy of that recipe!), all of which start to be acceptable in the fall :)

Since I haven't shared my favorite things lately, I thought now would be a great time. Some are Pinterest finds - so go follow my boards! (ETA: after typing this, I realized I went from "ooh I like this" to a very random list. Whoops!)

1. I'm wanting so badly to learn to speak Chickasaw - and not just "know a few words" but actually be able to speak it. I figure since Matt's in school, I should do some studying, too, right? This is definitely on my already-being-made Christmas list :)

2. As we've determined, fall = cozy. Cozy = flannel, scarves and boots. I'm wanting this puffer vest and planning to make a flannel cardigan - if I can get through the gold sequin cardigan I'm currently sewing (did I lose my mind somewhere in hobby lobby when I decided to sew with sequins? Yes. Now I know why my grandma took a sewing sabbatical after making my gold sequin dress in first grade. But oh man that dress was awesome, right Mag? Also, this just further shows I've always been obsessed with gold sparkle.) 

3. This headwrap is too stinking cute and I need it to cover my ears. #EndOfStory #MakeItHappenMatt The leopard, the bow, it's adorable. 

4. I joined #TeamiPhone6 yesterday! I got the gold one, and as much as it pains me to cover up such a beautiful color, I'm really accident prone and don't want to break it (yes, I got apple care). I ordered this case from Amazon and I think I need to get my monogram, in pink, to put on the back. Yes?

5. Do you think if I wore this dress to work on Halloween that I could bring Hashtag to snuggle with all day? (Yes, our dog is named Hashtag.) 

6. I'm really not a fan of my front flowerbed. I'm wanting to take everything out except the two evergreen trees and put a bench like the one below in the middle. Then, I could put flowers on/around the bench or other seasonal decorations (I've got a scarecrow needing somewhere to sit right now, and I think that'd be a perfect place for Santa to hang out, too). Would that look weird? 

7. I'm really needing something to put above my curio cabinet. I have this one (pictured from Amazon below). Currently I have a little greenery above it, but I'm really not loving it. Suggestions? Our ceilings are really tall so I want something to give this a "top" instead of it being so flat and so far away from the ceiling. 

8. Last week/end my brothers showed at the Tulsa State Fair and Bear & Cait came to watch. Bear got in the way of a swishing tail, getting covered in black paint. He didn't want to pose for a picture because "this is gonna end up on your blog, isn't it?" Yes, yes it will :) 

I'm also loving that it's Friday. On that note, see you after the weekend! (I'm really liking the #blogtober14 prompt for Sunday, so maybe I'll even have a post then!)

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  1. 1. I am SUPER happy about Fall weather.
    2. I was sad to cover up my pretty iPhone 6, too. But, like you, I am accident prone.