Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! I'm SO looking forward to the weekend - hoping to get some much-needed sleep, dig up my front flowerbed, and watch my Pokes beat TCU :)

Now, on to this week's favorite things!

1. I got to see my brother at work! Kale volunteered at the Regional Food Bank with his fellow Southwest District 4-H members.

2. Remember that Magan & Justin got engaged on Sunday? Well, Mag posted this to her instagram last night:

with instructions to reply by posting my favorite picture of us! I couldn't pick just one :) 

And I just can't get over how excited I am for her!

3. In the "things" category, this mug is my favorite find recently, though I can't decide if I need want it in Tangerine Tango or Emerald. This flash drive is pretty spiffy, too. 

4. I have no pictures for this one, but my Aunt Kandi gave me a package of scentsy cubes that smell HEAVENLY. They're perfectly fall-scented and give my house a cozy, inviting feel. I don't even know what scent it is, other than perfect.

5. This one should go on the "not favorites list" I suppose. Just last week I posted about the adorable iPhone case I ordered. Well, it still hasn't come in. #GetWithItAmazon. And sadly, yesterday I dropped my iPhone and the screen is totally shattered...with pieces in my thumb. Apple is replacing the phone (thanks, Apple Care) but who knows when the new unit will be in, so I'm stuck with a broken screen for a little bit. I've already been told we're sending back the case I ordered (when it finally comes in) and ordering an OtterBox instead. Does anyone with an iPhone 6 have the Commuter series? I like the one below - I don't want the Defender because it's giant, and with the last Defender series case I had (for my 5), the rubbery back peeled off in layers - gross - so I had to mod podge glitter it. ;) 

6. Yosemite - not the place, the operating system. So far I'm loving the look. #MacFanGirl #WhoAmI? I'm ready for Monday when iOS 8.1 is released and my texts will show up on my computer. I really like the handoff feature for mail and safari (all I've used it for so far). 

Happy weekend!


  1. Boo about your iphone. I don't do otterboxes because they are sooo big to me! But, I'm sure they protect it very well!!!

    The way she asked you to be her matron of honor was soooo cute!

  2. That case is super cute. I had an otter box, and then took it off one day, and that day broke my glass. Ugh. What a cute way to be asked to be a bridesmaid!

  3. check out speck cases, you know how tough I am on things, they've protected my phone well!