Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday!

Today I'm at work, pretending to celebrate Piomingo Day (downside of not working for the Chickasaw Nation = no extra day off!). But this weekend? Let me tell you - it was great :)

On Friday, I made my first "Facebook deal." I'm part of a local "buy, sell, trade" group on Facebook and a lady posted that she had 2 quilt racks for $8 each - and they were so pretty! So, I messaged mom, basically seeking justification to buy one...in the end, she bought one and I bought one! I need to finish the wall behind my chair so I can put the quilt on the rack and get it set just where I want it. Right now it's a natural wood finish but I'm thinking I'll stain it dark to match the wood in our house. No pictures, because I forgot to take any, so follow me on Instagram and I'll eventually remember to post some. Probably.

After my gas-station money-quilt rack exchange, I went to my Aunt Kandi's to help her prepare food for "Justin's Birthday Party" (more on that coming later). AK makes everything from scratch, so I was quite certain I could pick up a few pointers. #CookingLessonsWithKandi, we'll call it. She doesn't measure, though, so I'm not sure exactly how much I picked up - other than the Puppy Chow recipe :)

One thing I definitely did learn was how to make salsa Suckerpunch Salsa.

What you can't see in those pictures are the mouth-burning jalapeño peppers that went into the salsa. It wasn't just a little kick, as my aunt said it would be. The salsa had great flavor, but I'm pretty sure my mouth caught fire when I tried it! 

As I said, all of the food was prepared for a "Surprise Birthday Party" that Magan was throwing for Justin. Little did she know that he was actually behind the whole thing and had a surprise planned for her!

(trying not to get sappy here - deletes whole paragraph because crying while writing it and it's not time for tears, duh) Mag & Justin, I'm so excited for you! Congratulations, "Feyoncés"!

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a sweet proposal. I really enjoyed the guy who said, "Hey, I'm watching football here!" Ha!