#EveryDayWithShae: The one where I make a huge announcement. Or two.

Goooooooood Friday morning, friends! I'm looking forward to listening to the Sports Animal this afternoon and hearing the "be happy Friday" song because it TOTALLY is! :) Full disclosure: I'm writing this post on Thursday night and today has just been the BEST week.

First, a huge announcement:
I've decided to take a leap of faith and chase a dream: I'm selling the shirts I design!!

For years, I've designed shirts (among other things) for teams, organizations, events and my day-job. I've wanted to sell my own designs, that I design because I think they're awesome, not because someone asks me to, but have let my own fears hold me back. Finally, last Friday, I knew I couldn't let my fears be bigger than my faith any longer, and designed my first ever, for-sale-because-I-love-it shirt! Without further ado, I present to you....

Love Never Fails

The final design printed on the shirts won't be watermarked, I promise :) I am so thankful for the support and orders I've received from friends and family and even people I don't know already on Facebook & Instagram! I'm taking preorders for these shirts through Sunday and they will be in before Valentine's Day, so if you are interested in snagging one of your own, let me know - email shaeken(at)okstatealumni.org. The prices are: v-neck $22 | dolman $25 | baseball $22 | crew neck $18 (that's clockwise from the top right in the picture above, bee-tee-dub). 

Moving on! Since this is an #EveryDayWithShae post, I thought I would go ahead and give a brief update of what else I talked about this week, too. Sorry it's a day late - you'll forgive me when you see the other announcement at the end of this post! 

On Thursday night, #BabyTate came over. Don't you love how I've turned your child's name into a hashtag, Lori? Tate and Thabo had endless fun playing with pom pom balls in the laundry basket! 

Dad and I both took off work on Friday to surprise Momma at school for her birthday! And surprise her, we did! We even sent a selfie from the cafeteria asking when she was going to come to lunch, and she thought we were just at lunch together in the city and being "annoying!" I think her cake was too perfect - a basketball court with deflated basketballs, her jersey number, a pile of chipped golf balls, and, to represent her current coaching job, shiny new pom poms! :) The home score was 50, in honor of her birthday, and it was on the Tigers side, while the visitors, the Panthers, had a score of 0. She may currently be a Panther, but she was a Tiger first (and at heart!) and said the score is accurate: "we always beat them!!" We continued the celebrating on Sunday at lunch with the family then celebrated Dad's birthday on Tuesday night at dinner!

On Saturday, we finally took down our Christmas tree/decorations. Enough said?

The weather was finally pretty enough this weekend to take a run!! So, on Sunday, after lunch and before cheer practice, Thabo and I did just that! I think chasing him all over the sidewalk was as much of a workout as the run was.

On Monday night, K played in the first round of the Grady County Tournament. We didn't get to go, but they're streaming it online, so we got to watch!! They won and K played so well. Thank you, Kool 105.5, for streaming the games so that those of us who can't make it can still watch! My uncle in Washington got to watch, too.

On Tuesday, I spent all day - literally, all day...didn't stop for lunch - working on a website :)

That continued on Wednesday. After work on Wednesday, Matt and I had the New Members class at our church...so dinner was popcorn. I was so tired!

But that didn't stop me from waking up today to have an AWESOME day! I found my makeup compact that I was SURE was gone forever. My mom sent me a picture showing our HS girls had hit their new stunt. Then, my boss brought breakfast to celebrate....(ready for announcement #2?)...the launch of our new WEBSITE!!! 

Finally, after MONTHS of work, it's here!! I'm SO excited with the newly redesigned www.regionalfoodbank.org. It is so colorful and full of HOPE. Check it out, follow me on Instagram to keep up with all this fun every day and have a great weekend! 

PS - don't forget to preorder your shirt before Sunday if you want one!  

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  1. I am soooo happy for you and your shirt selling endeavor! You will do awesome. And, that new website looks great!