#EveryDayWithShae: Week 2

I'm really enjoying 2015 so far! I mean, I haven't stopped writing 2014 on everything yet (I'll get there!), but so far I would have to say the year is a success.

Last week, the creative & talented Brenna posted on Instagram a picture wearing a blanket scarf and tagged it #DIY. Say what? Yes, this friend of mine made her own version of the blanket scarf I've been drooling over for months. Immediately I asked her to share how she did it and made a trip to Hancock's to make my own. 

Friday night Matt and I stayed in - he did some homework, we watched Criminal Minds (duh) and I spent some time crafting....I promise to reveal this as SOON as it's done because it's going to be SO AWESOME. 

Saturday morning I got to go watch my oldest favorite Panther (I have two!) play basketball - FINALLY! K broke his ankle during the first game of the year (which I had to miss) and was out for the first half of the season. He got to start playing again after Christmas break, and Saturday was the first HS game I've been able to make it to this semester (they've only had a few!). I love watching K and Kale play basketball and show their steers...well really I just love everything about being their sister! 

On Sunday my parents made my dreams come true....we saw GARTH!!! You see, my mom introduced me to great music even before I was born by "taking me" to a Sawyer Brown concert. My childhood soundtrack was full of songs like Thank God for You, I Cross My Heart and The Thunder Rolls. I'm a little hurt that they decided to make the George Strait concert they went to a date night and left me at home...but all was forgiven with this show. With every song Garth played on Sunday I would turn to my mom and say "THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!!" My parents bought the tickets for themselves, me & Matt, and my brothers for Christmas. Mom has the video of the 4 of us "kids" opening our stockings and I'm afraid my screaming might have broken her phone speakers :) So, again....Momma and Daddy - THANK YOU!!!!!

On Monday night, after I helped my Grandma Nett set up her new iPad, I went home and worked a little more on the craft project from above...Yes, it has a name! I have one step left, and I think I'll be able to get it done this weekend then I'll share what it is. :)

On Tuesday, I shared a real picture wearing my scarf. I love it so much and thought the outfit was so cute that I totally used Photo Booth to take a picture before having coworker take one for Brenna's blog! Since I know everyone wants one, go over to the Frilly Farm Girl blog to see how to make your own (PS the flannel was half off at Hancock's last week when I went, so maybe you'll luck out and only pay $6 for this incredible scarf, too!!). This is literally a 3-minute project, not including drive time. 

Yesterday was going to be a busy day, and Thabo just knew he was going to need extra sleep to tackle it. When Matt leaves for work in the morning, he tosses the puppies on the bed with me and I get to snuggle with two adorable little faces for a few minutes until my alarm goes off. Then, they lay on the bed patiently while I get ready. When I turned on the lamp and got out of bed on this day, Thabo gave me this "Please, just a few more minutes of sleep!" look. Yesterday's busy day involved a full day of designing, designing, designing at work (I'm really glad I'm not having some sort of weird creative black right now!) followed by the New Members Class at the church we are joining (yay for fellowship and new friends!), then Arby's for dinner (double yay for not having to cook one night, haha). 

Today is yet another busy, full day at work ("busy season" is in full swing right now...though it never truly stops around here!) and tonight we might finally get our tree down. I had a dream last night that we did, so it's a good sign, right? :) Don't forget, you can follow #EveryDayWithShae on Instagram and see what else I'm up to!


  1. That blanket scarf is AWESOME! And of course I love doggy photos! :)

  2. What a fun Christmas gift! I hear it was amazing!