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Despite the best laid plans and all that, it happened again: I forgot about neglected this little corner of the web. This weekend, I told myself, this weekend I'll take pictures so I can do a weekend recap. Instead, this weekend was spent mainly in our sweats staying out of the SnOklahoma weather and trying to stay warm.

So, until I get with it, here's a look at my life in the month of February. 

Craft supplies for Mini Cheer Camp, aka the most exhausting Saturday morning of my year | Having less than half the squad show up for cheer practice means rewarding those who do show up with a fun practice. Keely Bug put her trust in K to do a one man stunt, and they didn't do half bad! | In our family, there are three seasons: stock show, basketball and offseason (when you're getting ready for stock show and basketball seasons, of course!). I'm so proud of K and Kale, and I love spending my evenings in the stands cheering them on. 

February means celebrating Juicy Lucy's birthday! | Shaeken, LLC's Love Never Fails shirts came in during the first week of February and it was so exciting to deliver them! | I was wearing my Love Never Fails shirt at a basketball game and my cousin Jimmie Lea asked where I got it and bought hers on the spot! I knew there was a reason the box of shirts was in my car :)

I enjoy running when there's something to look at. As in, outside. I don't so much enjoy the treadmill because it gets boring watching the same patch of dirt outside the window and I'm afraid if I turn my head to see what's on the gym's TVs I'll fall off the machine. So, I bring my iPad, and there's nothing worse than when it won't work. #LongestRunEver | FFA week was the last week of February and I work with not one but TWO other FFA alumni! You know your office is awesome when you have these kind of coworkers! | My aunt Kandi held a painting party at the beginning of the month and this is my artwork! It's now hanging on our bedroom wall - just enough pink and gold that it makes my heart happy but not so much that Matt gives it the side eye. ;) 

Winter stuck around Oklahoma last week! Matt and I both got off early on Monday so we bundled the dogs up for some fun outside not because they *need* jackets, but because it's just too cute. I mean seriously have you ever seen anything more adorable than Hashtag in her leg warmers? | Click here for the video of Thabo chasing a ball through the snow | Friday was also a leave-work-early day, and my jeep just looked too cool covered in snow not to photograph. #JeepLife
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