Weekend: Offseason

On Friday, a new coworker and I were discussing our love of sports, our favorite teams, etc. and I made the comment "I really don't like summer... no stock shows, no football, no basketball...it's just so boring!" I didn't realize then that I would spend what felt like my entire weekend watching sports!

Friday evening, Matt and I went to an OKC Dodgers game and I had an absolute blast. I've never known much baseball or followed it closely, but it was a great way to spend a beautiful Friday evening. I'm already trying to figure out when we can go again! Bonus: since we got tickets through Matt's work, we also got matching baseball hats!
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On Saturday, my mom let me know my brothers were going to be playing summer league games at their school that afternoon. Never one to pass up an opportunity to watch my favorite Panthers, I enjoyed spending the afternoon in the stands cheering them on.

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Sunday I spent a couple more hours in Amber watching Kale play. After cheer practices + games in the new gym all of last year, I forgot just how hot the old gym could get! My mom, pictured below in the lime green t-shirt, actually refereed games in the old gym all day. Yes, in JEANS. And one game in flip flops - a scary thought if you know our accident-prone family (I think the injury gene came from dad's side, not mom's, thankfully!).

This truly was a great offseason weekend. About 5-6 months from now, when there are basketball games most nights of the week + OSU football games on the weekend and a million other things going on, I'm sure we'll be wishing for the slowness of the offseason. Happy Monday, friends! 

PS - is there a Panda Express near you? Eat there today & help fight hunger!

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