Dear #TechSupport,

I'm sorry. I truly am.

I know you're 24/7, but I'm quite certain you didn't anticipate a really excited, impatient, creative person interrupting your relaxing Sunday afternoon. I bet you didn't anticipate me interrupting your MNF viewing, either, so I'm sure the during-business-hours call that I couldn't answer was the ideal compromise...sorry I couldn't answer, but this exciting project is "just" a side job (and "just" a crazy dream that I'm seeing come true, so bear with me!), so I can't answer the phone and troubleshoot during the day. But, thanks for returning my call during the Jets-Colts game tonight.

I appreciate your patience after saying "to get to this next piece, you're going to need an Allen wrench," when my response was "hold on, let me look for that real quick..." I know you heard the frantic typing as I google image searched "Allen wrench" - but really, if Matt's toolbox was labeled "this is a screwdriver" and "this is a drill bit" and so on, it would be easier. Just kidding, I know what a screwdriver is. Anyway, it was probably clear to you that I had NO CLUE what I was talking about after my Google search, especially considering my dear husband informed me we do in fact have an Allen wrench that goes on the end of the screw driver (WHAT? GOOGLE!?), so thanks for not laughing.

I was at least able to see the part in question, and I'm sure my creative description of what I was looking at was one of the most entertaining things you'd heard all evening... "So that green strip? It looks like someone took a bite out of it. You know, like an apple, but not smooth like the Apple logo, more like real teeth, it's jagged-y. Wait! I think that green thing is a computer part. Oh yeah, to answer your question, yes, maybe part of it could be melted."

When you said you would call back at 7:00 in the morning to help me order the part, I'm sure my hopeful-to-high-pitched "Pacific time? Oh, no...EASTERN time? Ohhh-kay." gave away my dislike of mornings, so if I'm a little groggy at 6:00 a.m CST when my phone rings to place the order, I apologize. That's way before my usual wake up time, but maybe I'll get up and do something productive. Haha, just kidding.

And though we haven't had this conversation yet, I apologize before it even happens... I will probably ask if you offer free two-day shipping, and if you don't, I will be checking for the part on AmazonPrime as I'm placing the order with you. I'm really impatient, as discussed earlier, and AmazonPrime is just so convenient.

Thanks so much for all your help,

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  1. Seriously, you aren't up at 6? I had been up over an hour by then. lol