Today, you go to college.

Nearly 19 years after you made me a big sister, you're making me feel old. Today, you go to college.

One of my favorite parts of your senior year was watching you win the Grady County Tournament. Like I said on Twitter that night - you couldn't have found a prouder big sister in the world. However, that's not just a one-time thing because you won a basketball game. Every day you make me proud to be "Kaden's Big Sis."

Now, with some pictures that have nothing to do with the rest of this post (other than having you in them), I have some words of advice. 

First, don't worry about buying birthday and Christmas gifts for the next four years. And by that I mean go to the Student Union and put it on your bursar because mom and dad LOVE paying for their own gifts, and luckily we all love getting more OSU gear. Take advantage of discounts after a Cowboy win - especially when we win big!

Don't lose your way to the Colvin Center or the library. The Colvin, for obvious reasons. The library has (had? things have changed!) Seattle's Best coffee and printing is (used to be?) free. And buy a mortar board - it's pre-filled with important dates, such as finals week. See above for how to pay for it.  

Wear your orange on Friday, and again on Saturday, Sunday, Monday..well, you get the picture. Orange every day, got it? And for crying out loud, learn the Alma Mater. For the record, there's no "SO TRUE" in it. #SoBlessed 

Now, this one's important, so listen up. Finals week is coming... you'll blink and your first semester will be nearly over. I'm not concerned with how much you study - I know you'll study hard and make excellent grades. No, I'm much more concerned with your nourishment. Never skip a Pancakes at the Union. 

Proud and immortal
Bright Shines Your Name
Oklahoma State
We Herald Your Fame
Ever You'll Find Us
Loyal and True
To Our Alma Mater
O - S - U
I hope you have a great freshman year. Keep your focus on the Lord. I'm praying for you every day. I know you're going to succeed and far surpass any goal you've set. Dare to dream big dreams. Finally, I've said it before, but today it's officially official so I'm saying it one last time - welcome to the Cowboy family. I love you, K. Go Pokes!


  1. They are sure blessed to have you for a sister.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm so glad Jake and K are rooming together! I just love him!