I keep telling Matt "I really need to blog again." Every time I say it, he says "yeah you said that last week." I don't think I can even call myself a blogger anymore at this rate. #EyerollEmoji I apologize for a post severely lacking in photos and heavy on text, but I've got to get back into the swing somehow, so it is what it is.

This weekend we went took a quick overnight trip to the Dallas area with friends. On our drive down, we listened to the OU-Texas game and enjoyed leaving at the perfect time so that we missed all the gameday traffic. #winning :) One of the couples we were going with said we absolutely had to stop at Buc-ee's on our way down–and guys, it may sound weird to say you must stop at a gas station, but seriously, if you're ever in the area, you must stop at this gas station. First, let me note that it was ridiculously clean. Also, in addition to having all the drinks, candy, food (as in real food, steak, BBQ, etc) you could want in one half of the store, they had a Cracker Barrel-style gift shop in one quarter of the store and a tourist-y gift shop in another quarter.

When we finally got to the hotel, OSU was losing and we were not happy. Thankfully when I started watching, my Pokes started winning. When we were sure the Cowboys would win, we headed out for shopping and dinner in Southlake.  If you've never been to Charming Charlie, you should definitely check it out - we spent more than an hour in there. The prices are ridiculously cheap and everything was super cute.

Southlake was having an Oktoberfest, and while we didn't participate in any of the festivities on our mad rush to find the restaurant we were meeting at, it looked like a lot of fun (and smelled so delicious... like sauerkraut!).

The whole reason for our trip was that the guys had a tee time at Tour 18 Dallas on Sunday, which is hands down one of the coolest courses ever according to their pictures :) Meanwhile, the girls had a relaxing morning sleeping in and eating breakfast at 10, drinking too much coffee and wandering around Roanoke. We stopped to shop at Kiki LaRue and the Plaid Peacock before meeting up for lunch at Hard Eight BBQ.

I'm so short that my head couldn't even be centered in the Peacock cutout! haha.
The town had several cute cutout spots to take a picture. 

When your day job involves fighting hunger, your passion doesn't stop on vacation.
^^^Those are literally the only two pictures I took all weekend. 

And that was our weekend. Too fast, but so much fun with friends. 

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